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What is a business member?
Business Membership is a premium member service for corporate records websites, providing comprehensive, professional, open, and thoughtful online marketing services for businesses.
What does a business member bring?
Query business opportunities in special procurement zones.
· Up to 4,500 product showrooms.
Get a 6-in-1 trade website.
· Establish integrity files.
· Recommended by each column of the website.
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Corporate Directory Overview
The goal of the establishment of the corporate record website is to provide an honest and fair corporate business interaction platform for millions of domestic corporate customers, transform traditional national procurement and trading activities into a new, efficient, efficient, and low-cost e-commerce model, and promote And expand domestic and international trade, guide SMEs to participate in national and global market competition, and serve Chinese businessmen.
Member function comparison
service items Service Content Free Member Business Member
secondary domain Registered members will get second-level domain names (
Company Website Member Company Home Single Page 6-in-1 website with 12 style options
Upload logo, banner and other beautiful layouts
Album picture Product picture, just call the product picture when sending a message 15 1500
business information Post supply and demand information 20 1000
800 renewal fees per year
product information Publish Product Information 3500
Renewal fee increased by 3000 per year
License upload Company business license and other certificates
Website style Member's secondary website homepage style Single page homepage 12 styles of 6 in 1 website
Ad appears Advertisements for other companies appear on information pages such as corporate, commercial, and product Ads from other companies No other ads appear
Ranking of each column Sorting and sorting of business directories and product catalogs. Business members sort by time Prioritize
Search engine recommendations Information recommended to search engines for crawling and good ranking Crawling will also rank if not recommended Focus on recommendation crawling and search engine ranking
Cost introduction free 1300 yuan / year
Business Member Details
1. Query business opportunities in special procurement zones and do business with large buyers.
In addition to publishing their own supply and demand information and viewing the supply and demand information issued by other members, business members of the corporate record can also view business opportunities in the "Special Purchase Zone" section. The business opportunities in the "Special Procurement Zone" are high-quality procurement information collected offline by the customer department of the enterprise record website or commissioned by the government and enterprises. These business opportunities are only available for business members to view!
2. Show company products, have luxury product exhibition halls, up to 4,500 product booths.
After joining the Business Record Business Membership, you will have 4,500 product placements for buyers to visit at any time. Each booth includes detailed product descriptions and product introduction pictures. Let our website do long-term product promotion for you and bring business opportunities to your company.
3. Join the company's library yellow pages and get a five-in-one trade website.
After joining the Business Record Business Membership, you can immediately obtain a corporate website with an independent second-level domain name. The content of the corporate website includes all your company information, product information, business information, and contact information for your company. Door to e-commerce.
4. Establish integrity files and become the first choice of businesses.

After joining the Business Record Business Membership, you can upload honorary certificates that can prove your company's credibility and strength, such as consumers' trusted products, ISO9000 certification, and certain awards. For companies that have uploaded honorary certificates, we will add a high-quality enterprise certification mark after our review. Having a high-quality enterprise certification mark will more easily win the trust of other companies and make more business. At the same time, your products and companies will also be in The product display and company library columns are displayed first.

5.Second-level domain names for free corporate records

After joining the corporate directory membership, you can immediately get an independent second-level domain name. For example, if your registered user name is abc123, then you immediately get a global second-level domain name Use this second-level domain name anywhere to access your company's corporate website, and you can print this domain name on your company's business card to open your company's network door.

6, free website promotion function, ranking priority.
Our website will invest a lot of manpower and material resources for website promotion and website optimization.
7. All services of ordinary members, more quality services ...

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