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Related textile and leather business opportunities
Natural textile materials Hides and skins Chemical Fiber
Yarn Grey cloth Cotton series fabric
Linen fabrics Woolen fabric Silk fabrics
Blended, interwoven fabrics Knitted fabric Clothing accessories
Chemical fiber fabric, lining Non-woven and industrial cloth Embroidered cloth
Yarn-dyed, tie-dyed, printed Other fabrics dye
Textile accessories bed linings Decorative textiles
Kitchen textiles blanket towel
Textile and Knitting Crafts Luggage Bags, leather goods
Textile instruments Textile waste Leather waste
Leather additives leather Textile and leather processing
Textile equipment and equipment Artificial leather Artificial fur
Synthetic Leather Composite fabric reflective material
Other unclassified Textile and Leather Agents Textile and leather inventory

Recommended Product Information
Adhesive Black Velcro | Adhesive Round Black Velcro

Meishun Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. 90
Flameproof thermal resistance TYRT, TYRT flameproof thermal resistance

Anhui Guangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. 82
Beijing Huade Carpet Factory

Beijing Weiyage Carpet Factory 82
Cup mask, duckbill mask, mask supplier

Carbon-free soluble wiping paper-welding accessories-soldering wire-shanghai dera electronic technology 62
How much to prevent fabrics from doing ROHS testing

Ningbo Haishu Huazhun Testing Technology Co., Ltd. 60

Shanghai Huhao Trade- {CROSS 高 仕} Official China Agent 51
Shanghai Leather Bag Factory, Shanghai Camera Bag Custom, Shanghai Gift Bag Custom, Shanghai Custom

Shanghai Duotu Industrial Co., Ltd. 50
Shanghai Projector Leasing, Shanghai Projector Leasing, Projector Leasing

Shanghai Mingxin Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 40

Shanghai Jinshan Jingwei Chemical Co., Ltd. 40
Dajiaoting moving company, Dawangqiao moving company, Chaoyang Park moving company 01286239838

Beijing Brothers Moving Company
Thermal transfer film | thermal transfer film

Dongguan Changhong Thermal Transfer Processing Factory 20
Shanghai Home Textiles, Home Textiles, Bedding, Urban Fashion Four-piece Set

Shanghai Chalet Home Textile Co., Ltd. 20
Computer cable, cross-linked power cable, cross-linked cable

Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd. 17
Middle-aged and elderly health knee pads

Laochanfang (Kunming) Silk Products Co., Ltd. 14
Ningbo credit card counter

Ningbo Haishu Jinbo Electronic Research Institute 12
Kaifeng LED large electronic screen

Shenzhen Kemeixin Pure Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. 12
Plaid blanket

Zhejiang Cangnan County Hengxin Carpet Industry Co., Ltd. 10
Cloth roll

Huicheng Textile Printing and Dyeing Equipment Technology Service Co., Ltd. 10
Scroll type automatic picture changing advertising shoe polisher

Jiangsu Suqian Sandi Advertising Product Factory 10
Australian Pure Wool Quilt

Shenzhen Tianzhijun Industrial Co., Ltd. 10

Xiamen Binyu Economic Development Corporation 10
Xiaodouding children's clothing world

Zhongshan Yijin Clothing Store 10
Jacquard fabric

Changzhou Lingtong Knitting Co., Ltd. 10
Maritime transport]

Dalian Zhenhong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch 10
Combed / carded yarn

Shanghai Office of Sichuan Huafang Yinhua Co., Ltd. 10

Shaoxing Fuda Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. 10
Supply full automatic zipper threading machine

Yiwu Wenli Ribbon (Zipper) Machinery Firm 10
What is the auction record of ancient coins

Nanchang Hongze Culture Development Co., Ltd. 10
Reflective PU Leather, Reflective PVC Leather, Reflective PVC Foam Leather

Yongkang Yijian Reflective Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 10
Plastic drawing fiber processing aid

Shanghai Songya Chemical Co., Ltd. 10
Various wool yarns

Loom heddle

Quanzhou Textile Machinery Fittings Factory 10
The new group of -001

Chang's Leather Products Factory 10
ZH021 Manual Quilt

Shanghai Silly Rich Gas Trading Co., Ltd. 10
Coconut fiber

Jinyan International Trading 10

Qiang sheng industrial co., Ltd. 10
High quality cotton towel

Lanxi Lanjiang Weaving Factory 10

Weihai Taifu Textile Co., Ltd. 10
Jacquard cloth

Shenzhen Zhonggeng Co., Ltd. 10

Shanghai Mole Beituo Leather Co., Ltd. 10
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