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Papermaking raw materials Cultural paper Packaging paper
Tissue wallpaper Waste paper
Other paper Paper additives Labels, signs
tape Rope, cable tie tray
Packaging Materials Auxiliary packaging material Bamboo & Wood Packaging Supplies
Cloth packaging supplies Plastic packaging supplies Glass packaging supplies
Metal packaging supplies Composite packaging materials Paper equipment and accessories
Paper processing machinery Packaging related equipment Industrial paper
Office paper Other unclassified Electrical packaging
Toy packaging Hardware packaging Environmentally friendly packaging
cosmetic packaging Pharmaceutical packaging Food packaging
Daily packaging Clothing packaging Gift wrapping
Packaging test equipment Paper testing equipment Paper processing
Joined paper agency Packaging equipment repair Used packaging machinery

Recommended Product Information
Wooden pallets in port

Shanghai Hanchun Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. 110
Dongguan Release Paper | 3M Release Paper | White Release Paper | Yellow Release Paper

Meishun Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. 90
Flannel, adhesive flannel

Changzhou Jihong Packaging Products Co., Ltd. 70
All metal detector

Dongguan Lianzhixin Metal Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. 69
Clean cotton swabs

Carbon-free soluble wiping paper-welding accessories-soldering wire-shanghai dera electronic technology 62
How much does Ningbo do ISO9001: 2008 system certificate

Ningbo Haishu Huazhun Testing Technology Co., Ltd. 60
Changzhou printing press cylinder repair repair

Printing machine cylinder repair-repair-Shanghai Jiangyong Machinery 60
Flat nine feet 1100 * 1100 * 140 plastic support

Beijing Lift Beijing Lift Platform Beijing Dongfang Heng'an Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. 60
Tray, steel tray, iron tray, steel tray, iron tray

Qingdao Gaochi Machinery Co., Ltd. 50
Original United States imported inkjet printer

Shanghai Shichang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai Shandong Transportation Logistics Line 63635505

021-63635505 Shanghai Express | Yiqi Logistics 50
Blueprint company blueprint copy blueprint scan

Guangzhou Grand Digital Printing Co., Ltd. 50
Siemens carbon brush hotline: 13178872688

Guangzhou Huangpu District Xiangtan Motor Repair Factory 020-82250856 31
Wuhan to Feidong logistics company line

Wuhan Ruixiang Logistics Co., Ltd. 30
POF heat shrinkable film-heat shrinkable film-environmental protection heat shrinkable film

021-34074408 shrink film manufacturer-Shanghai Taiyuan Packaging 30
Nail Box Machine / Manual Nail Box Machine / Pneumatic Nail Box Machine / Shanghai Manufacturer

Shanghai Changjian Factory: Stretch Film_Steel Belt Baler_Wrapping Machine 30
Automatic strapping machine, automatic strapping machine, strapping machine, Shanghai factory

021-34074408 Shanghai Taiyuan Packaging Factory: strapping machine_belt 30
Songjiang Tengyou is the first choice of antistatic plastic turnover box in Shanghai. Ten years of experience in manufacturing antistatic turnover box

Shanghai Youteng Warehouse Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. 20
Paper Shelves | Paper Display Racks | Carton Packaging | Color Box Packaging

Shanghai Dasen Printing Co., Ltd.-Shanghai Paper Shelves, Display Racks 20
Guangdong thermal transfer machine-flat / curved surface dual-use thermal transfer machine-

87505209 Aihara Original Transfer Factory / Water Transfer Printing, Toy Injection 20
Shrink packaging machine-vacuum packaging machine-packaging machine manufacturer

Shanghai Shouda Machinery Factory 021-64753648 20
Thermal transfer film | thermal transfer film

Dongguan Changhong Thermal Transfer Processing Factory 20
Various PVC, EVA suit plastic zipper packaging bags

Nippon Printing & Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 17
Flange thermocouple, armored thermocouple, explosion-proof thermocouple

Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd. 17
Environmental protection and energy saving packing belt, packing belt, Shanghai PP packing belt, Anhui packing belt factory

Shanghai Guhao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. 12
Dry powder mortar packaging machine

Zhengzhou Yuhui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 12
Shanghai Yiqian specializes in the production of VCI antirust film

Shanghai Yigan Industrial Co., Ltd. 12
Baler | Shanghai Baler | Shanghai Baler | Shanghai Baler | Factory

13816545498: Bundling machine | Shrinking machine | Carton sealing machine 11
Supply of packaging materials

Tianjin Kangdelai Biochemical Technology Institute 10
Cement bag

Ruian Taida Woven Bag Factory 10
Shockproof non-woven fabric strip, flocking strip

Yueqing Jiahua Electronics Co., Ltd. 10
Anti-rust bag

Guang yuan enterprise co., Ltd. 10

Weifang Henglian Cellophane Co., Ltd. 10
Aluminum foil paper bag

Shanghai Andeli Packaging & Decoration Co., Ltd. 10
Laminated paper, disposable paper cups, fast food bowls, fast food dishes

Lianyungang Cyclamen Paper Co., Ltd. 10
fax paper

Jiangxi Kimberly-Clark Office Paper Distribution Center 10
Plastic packing box

Dongguan Guangwei Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 10
3M floor non-slip tape / 3M corridor non-slip tape

Shanghai Cenxin Industrial Co., Ltd. 10
Packing box | Shanghai packing box | China packing box | foreign packing box printing

Shanghai Zhirong Printing Technology Co., Ltd. 10
Hot melt adhesives for the packaging industry

Hangzhou Tianchuang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. 10
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