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Company: Wuhan Daoqi Knitting Clothing Co., Ltd.
Release time: November 13, 2019
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Ms. Qi Qi (Marketing Director)
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Phone: 027-83531713
Mobile: 17307148496
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Address: Room 603-604, Building 3, HSBC Corporate Headquarters, Gutian Second Road, Wuhan, Wuhan, Hubei, China
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Company: Wuhan Daoqi Knitting Clothing Co., Ltd.

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Dodge Clothing: Difference between Home Wear and Pajamas

Wuhan Daoqi Knitting & Garment Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It has its own brands "insight" and "dolucky". Chang is sold all over the country. With the concept of "health, freedom, and love", we will try our best to develop the Chinese daily wear market and bring the beauty and fashion to the beautiful angels! As a garment manufacturing enterprise, Wuhan Daoqi Knitting Clothing Co., Ltd. regards “health, freedom, good fit, and love” as its corporate purpose and fundamental concept from its own corporate characteristics and industry characteristics, and strives to create a top 100 domestic clothing company .

Many people think that since the home clothes are the clothes that are worn at home, they are no different from the night clothes. They think that the home clothes are the night clothes. However, the home clothes and the night clothes cannot be equal. The category is home service. There are many pajamas on the market with the name of home service, which is not home service in the true sense. So what's the difference between the two? Dodge Clothing to see with you

The main difference between home clothes and pajamas is that pajamas are mainly aimed at the clothes worn when sleeping, paying more attention to the fabric and lightness of the clothes, the style is relatively simple and elegant, suitable for sleeping wear. The home wear is suitable for household chores, guests, entertainment and leisure wear at home, it is more formal than pajamas and casual clothes. For example, when a guest comes to the house, it will be too casual to wear pajamas, but wearing home clothes is a sign of paying attention to the guests.

The difference between Dodge apparel homewear and pajamas: Homewear is created by the needs of family culture, including traditional pajamas and robes worn in the bedroom, sexy suspenders, including homewear that can now be seen in the hall. Work clothes in the kitchen, casual clothes that can go out to the community for a walk. The functionality of pajamas is relatively single, and the occasion for wearing them is only suitable for the bedroom.
The difference between home clothes and pajamas: Pajamas are mainly for the clothes you wear when you sleep, and pay more attention to the fabric and lightness of the clothes. The style is simple and elegant, which is suitable for sleeping. Although the home service is also mainly made of lightweight fabrics, it also pays more attention to the cultural connotation of aesthetics.

The difference between Daoqi clothing and homewear and pajamas is three: for home service, you can go out temporarily to get a milk, take a newspaper or something, with popular styles and colors, it is more beautiful to wear at home, and it is more convenient to meet guests at home. Pajamas are only worn when sleeping.

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