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Information Dissemination Guide

1. The benefits of publishing supply and demand, product and corporate information.
2. The benefits of joining a business membership.
3. How can I post information to get more feedback?
4. 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Information Title?

1. The benefits of publishing supply and demand, product and corporate information.
    When you publish business information and corporate information on the corporate directory, it is equivalent to posting your product advertisements and corporate images online. A large number of buyers or sellers will browse and search these commercial and corporate information. Submit search engine and do search engine optimization. It can make all your business information and business information 100% indexed by well-known search sites such as Baidu and Google, and have a good ranking in related keyword searches. This can increase corporate visibility, get more feedback, and get trading opportunities.

2. Benefits of joining a business membership.

In the short period of half a year since the establishment of the corporate website, the number of members has increased by hundreds every day. According to the most authoritative ALEXA ranking in the United States, it ranks 9823th out of 10 million websites worldwide (November 22, 2003). There are more than tens of thousands of visitors every day, and almost all of them are corporate personnel. Corporate records have become one of the most prosperous trading markets on the Internet.

  • Join the company's library yellow pages, get a five-in-one exquisite trade website, and establish a corporate image;
  • Upload the certificate to establish a credible file and enhance the status of the company;
  • Get integrity scores, key recommendations from various sections of the website, priority ranking, and get more business opportunities;
  • Has luxury product exhibition halls, up to 200 product booths, to promote corporate products;
  • Inquire about the business opportunities in the special procurement area and contact the big buyers;
  • All services for ordinary members, more quality services .....
3. How can I post information to get more feedback?

    Each piece of information is described as detailed as possible for specific products, and general corporate introductions are less attractive to buyers;
    The content of the information to be filled in should be as detailed as possible, and there should be a full introduction to the products being operated, such as product specifications and models;
    If possible, select sample pictures of such products to enhance the effect;
    Make sure your landline, fax, email address, and mobile phone number are filled in correctly to avoid contact failure caused by writing wrong contact information; (at least one landline number must be filled in);
    Resend your information regularly to get a more advanced display position.

4. 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Information Title?

For a business, you want more customers to find you through search, which is reflected in the search engine promotion whether the title of the information you choose just meets the customer's search goals. When searching for products or business information, users usually search based on the unique name of the information, industry name, and even company name. These search conditions are the winning points of our search and promotion. Therefore, it can be said that the title of the information published in the corporate directory is the key to determining the success of a company's search promotion.

  • Think about the title of the information from the customer's perspective;
    What keywords will potential customers use when searching for your product? Get feedback from a number of sources, including getting ideas from your customers, suppliers, brand managers, and salespeople.
  • Expand the message name into a series of phrases;
    The best phrases are those that have not been abused and are popular.
  • Use professional vocabulary to limit visitors;
    Successful example: Supply bank one meter noodle Counter example: supply one meter noodle;
  • If it is a brand business, use your brand or company name;
    Successful example: Provisioning HP server memory Counter-example: Provisioning server memory;
  • Review the titles used by competitors;
    Finding someone else's message headline will remind you of some phrases that you might have missed to complement your chosen headline.
  • Do not use words or phrases that are too general;
    Modified the title to make the meaning of common words and phrases more accurate. Examples of success: supply of low-priced velvet, corduroy, dyed fabric. Counterexample: supply of textiles;
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