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The corporate record website aims to provide an honest and fair corporate business interaction platform for millions of domestic corporate customers, transforming traditional national procurement and trading activities into a new, efficient, efficient, and low-cost new e-commerce model, promoting and Expand domestic and international trade, guide small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in national and global market competition, and accelerate the process of enterprise informatization; corporate records are companies that release product sales and procurement information, complete online transactions, achieve production and sales management, display corporate image, and display corporate products The platform is a comprehensive information service network for obtaining economic information, policy information, and business information.

Business Directory is a collection and distribution center that integrates business directories, supply and demand opportunities, product information, and industry information. Its appearance will definitely promote the exchange of government and enterprises. The biggest advantage of Business Directory is that it can help enterprises and institutions to provide various types of business. Services, online generation of websites, release of supply and demand information, release of merchandise business opportunities, etc. enable the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to independently manage the website without the help of technical staff, minimizing the capital cost and technical threshold for network access, and maximizing self-service management. Really played the role of e-commerce.

The goal of this website: to become the world's leading e-commerce platform and to become the most prosperous online trading port. Transform traditional national purchasing and trading activities into a new efficient e-commerce model with high efficiency, high efficiency and low cost.

The purpose of this website: to promote the popularization of e-commerce and enterprise informatization, to provide various services for various enterprises through the network pulse formed by our various locations, and also to provide a financial electronic media for the decision-making management of enterprises and institutions.

The enterprise record wishes the majority of enterprises and institutions and the enterprise record to grow together!

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