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Join conditions!

1. Business units or individuals who can independently bear civil liability; can independently issue legal and valid service tickets for users you develop.
2. Have a fixed service place; have convenient Internet communication conditions and necessary equipment; developed prefecture-level city agents have relatively complete sales networks and market channels in the local area.
3. Possess relevant experience and background; can provide users with high-quality customer service, including necessary technical support and related consulting services.
4. Acknowledge the agency system of the enterprise record and its management specifications; be willing to pay the corresponding franchise fee or prepayment for the agents of the enterprise record at all levels to ensure the business development.
Franchise or advance payment: It is to screen agents with certain economic strength, and it is also a reasonable and legal fee that agents must pay in order to obtain regional agency rights. The county / county-level agency shall pay 1,000 yuan in advance, the prefecture-level city shall be 5,000 yuan, and the provincial capital city shall be 10,000 yuan.
5. Accept enterprise records when necessary for related training, supervision and related audits.

Join advantage!

I. Market advantage:
In the era of the information economy, the development of e-commerce and the process of enterprise informatization have created favorable conditions for us. We face tens of millions of enterprises in China! For now, there are 50,000 registered corporate users who are already in our hands. After our joint efforts, they are all likely to become our business members.

Brand advantage:
Enterprise Record is committed to creating the "best online trading platform", providing businesses with "quick! Jane! Quasi!" Business information, and working with many enterprises to promote the development of China's e-commerce. From the outset of the new concept of "online trading", the brand of "online trading" was quickly recognized by a large number of forward-looking companies.

Product and price advantages:
Enterprise records provide business services such as procurement, sales, and website building. After the enterprise records are successfully registered, enterprises can enter the background through their own passwords to modify their website content at any time in order to timely release information and provide related office services demand. Through our platform, we can provide enterprises with various business services, which are powerful and easy to use. There are very few businesses that can provide such integrated website services. The enterprise record provides an independent homepage for franchisees. The price strategy of the enterprise record is to enter the market for enterprises at free or low prices. Because the corporate website is automatically generated and the relative cost is low, we are exempt from all the costs of building a website and only charge a small amount of network maintenance fees, which is much lower than the cost of building a website alone. In terms of products and prices, corporate listings will be a step ahead and monopolize market competitive advantages.

Fourth, technical service advantages:
Corporate Records is headquartered in Shanghai, an international metropolis, where a large number of elite talents gather. We have gathered a large number of network, information, software, hardware and technical personnel and innovative, progressive planning, marketing, market development personnel. These provide great protection for network technology maintenance and subsequent business development, and provide strong support for franchisees.

V. Geographical advantages:
With a solid foundation and strong support, the advantages of such a local business station are extremely obvious. With high-quality products and services, familiarity with the region, and with existing relationships and channels, we can develop our business more effectively.

Advantages of resource integration:
Many local network companies are providing similar services, such as domain name registration, corporate website building, network promotion, virtual hosting, etc. The competition is extremely fierce. In today's open and homogeneous technology, how to gain advantages in the competition and let Customers choose you over your opponents? Cooperation!
Network companies should clearly recognize and have the obligation to remind enterprises that the ultimate purpose of an enterprise's access to the Internet is not simply to do image engineering, but to achieve its commercial goals by mastering network information channels.
It is a great choice for local network companies to cooperate with powerful business websites and integrate the resources of both parties! By having its own business station, it provides a platform for local businesses to exchange information on business and commerce. This kind of solution to the market channel issues that companies are most concerned about first, do practical things for the company, and then promote the professional service spirit of other businesses on this basis. It is easier for companies to accept you, identify with you, and choose you.

Agent products!

Product 1: Business Record (srtiforum.com) Business Member
(1680 yuan / year business member) Member function introduction, please enter ...

Product two: software for enterprises to provide internet marketing solutions, corporate website building, virtual hosting, program development, and internet marketing.

Product three: corporate record page image ads, text ads, other forms of page ads, etc.

Support from headquarters

1. The headquarters will provide you with a full range of business and technical support services, which can help you with corresponding technology research and development.

2. The headquarters will provide consulting (customer service) services for all customers.

3. The headquarters provides free and long-term training to agents through various methods, and can provide detailed and complete operating information to help agents successfully develop good business.

4, more support negotiable ...

(Exclusive rights of provincial capitals and big cities, please call to discuss: 021-64511800 021-64512311)

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