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Corporate payment account, please contact customer service qq to obtain

Bank: Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bank Shanghai Xinzhuang Branch
Account: 95588 0100 11727 20663
Payee: Huang Shun

Bank: Shanghai Agricultural Bank Meilong Sub-branch
Account number: 622848 0039 1179 75670
Payee: Huang Shun

Bank: Shanghai Construction Bank Huanghe Road Sub-branch
Account: 6227 0012 1674 0032 978
Payee: Huang Shun

Bank: Tianlin Road Sub-branch, Bank of China
Account number: 4563 5108 0002 1182 000
Payee: Huang Shun

Account opening bureau: Shanghai Hamamatsu New Village Sales Office (Shanghai Minhang)
Account number: 6221 8829 0006 3405 849
Payee: Huang Shun

· Please fill in the general remittance slip at the counter of the post office, select "general remittance" for the type of business, and select "receipt" for the additional type, and fill in the account information at the account opening office and account number.
· Please complete all the remittance information above, and you cannot omit the simplification.
· After remittance, please fax your cover slip to 021-60911210 to ensure that your service can be activated in a timely manner.

Alipay account:
Payee: Huang Shun

WeChat: 13917258696

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