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domain registration
Shanghai Domain Registration
Always registered and effective
Free management, apply for free post office now
元/年 International domain name 80 yuan / year
Shanghai Virtual Hosting
光纤直联Chinanet核心 10XGE fiber directly connected to Chinanet core
Telecom Netcom free choice
Script permissions, write permissions can be freely modified
Shanghai Website Construction
Professional designers tailor-made for you
Create corporate gold medal logo
Gold Partner of Enterprise Website
Corporate Post Office
收发 POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4 / WEB send and receive
Support group broadcast automatic forwarding
系列杀毒反垃圾引擎 Professional Anti series anti-virus anti-spam engine
Shanghai Website Promotion
Small investment, big income
Free choice of multiple promotion methods
Easily control daily pointing
IDC business
National Class A Computer Room
Brand Host Quality Assurance
Choose from multiple computer rooms
Aoshi Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
China Ticketing Service
Customer case

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