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Machinery and industry equipment
Plastic machinery other industry equipment food and beverage processing equipment leather processing equipment textile equipment agricultural machinery chemical equipment crafts processing equipment engineering and construction machinery clothing processing equipment measuring instrument commercial professional equipment welding, cutting equipment and materials machine tool motor pneumatic tool low-voltage electrical reducer, variable speed Machine pump hydraulic mechanical fan, exhaust equipment compression, separation equipment smelting equipment heat exchange, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment generator, generator set internal combustion engine energy saving equipment packaging equipment printing machine sewage treatment equipment other unclassified cleaning equipment air purification device desulfurization and dust removal equipment noise reduction Equipment High Voltage Electrical Distribution Power Transmission Equipment Paper Processing Equipment Shoemaking Machinery Painting Equipment
Indoor environmental protection testing instruments, meteorological instruments, gas analyzers, chromatographs, rubber and plastic instruments, instrumentation test chambers, and climate and environmental equipment, temperature instruments, pressure instruments, biological instruments, flow instruments, mechanical measuring instruments, experimental instrumentation, measuring standard appliances, valve sensors, sensitive components, measuring instruments, weighing instruments Position meter display instrument transmitter environmental detection instrument recorder counter industrial timer control (adjustment) instrument actuator base instrument tester analysis instrument optical instrument electrical instrument instrument vehicle instrument non-destructive testing instrument electronic measuring instrument special instrumentation instrumentation instrumentation Accessories Pneumatic unit instrument cluster Electric unit instrument cluster power supply
hardware tools
Bearing spring fasteners, connector seals, die cutters, fixtures, pneumatic components, hydraulic components, machine tool accessories, door and window hardware, plumbing hardware, sanitary hardware, pipe fittings, locks, general hardware accessories, abrasives , gas welding, gas cutting equipment, welding materials and accessories, electronic hardware materials, marine hardware accessories Pliers wrench saw screwdriver taps, dies and other fitter tools files, scissors, brushsmith tools agricultural tools chisels, axe hammers, tweezers crowbars, nail lifter combination tools power tools explosion-proof tools pneumatic tools hydraulic tools spray tool kits
Electronic Component
Diode Triode Display Device Capacitor Resistor Potentiometer Integrated Circuit (IC) Transformer Inductor Relay Converter Voltage Regulator Sensor, Sensitive Component Connection Device Protection Device Semiconductor Material Industrial Encoder Quartz Crystal, Piezo Element Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Switch Components optoelectronic device thyristor (thyristor) rectifier device field effect tube electronic industry auxiliary electronic hardware insulation material magnetic material electronic plastic product electroacoustic device electronic material electronic component and structure electronic product design processing electronic product maintenance electronic agent joins Electronics Stocks Other Unsorted
Low-voltage electrical appliances, high-voltage electrical appliances, insulation materials, anti-static products, connection devices, power-saving equipment, industrial control systems, and equipment battery switches, plugs, sockets, power chargers, motors, electric tools, laser instruments, electrical instruments, and welding materials and accessories , optical instruments and accessories, wire and cable distribution devices, switch cabinets, Lighting box power transmission equipment and material display equipment electric heating equipment industrial automation equipment antenna radar and wireless navigation radio and television, telecommunications equipment generators, generator sets electrical and electronic product manufacturing equipment other unclassified electrical products design processing electrical products maintenance installation electrical products agents joined inventory electrical products
Lighting industry
Incandescent lamp LED lamp Gas discharge lamp Cold light lamp with accessories Electric light source material Plug socket Switch Lighting accessories Outdoor lighting lamp Indoor lighting lamp Special purpose lamp Car light indicator lamp Flashlight lighting lamp design processing Lighting lamp repair and installation Lighting lamp agent Joined inventory lighting lamp products Other unclassified
Motorcycle and accessories
Automotive interior supplies tires passenger cars commercial vehicles automotive exterior supplies motorcycles and accessories other special vehicles parking facilities auto and motorcycle accessories and related products gas station equipment protection and maintenance products traffic safety equipment auto and motorcycle product manufacturing equipment auto and motorcycle testing equipment auto and motorcycle Maintenance Equipment Vehicle Instrumentation Automotive Audio and Video Safety Products Automotive Small Electrical Appliances Outdoor Products Automotive Communication Starting System Transmission System Brake System Steering System Walking System Cooling System Power Supply and Ignition System Headlight Maintenance Tool Motorcycle Electric Vehicle Automobile and Motorcycle Accessories Design and Processing Automobile and Motorcycle Parts repair and maintenance auto and motorcycle parts agent joined second-hand auto and motorcycle parts other unclassified
Transportation and logistics
Bicycles, tricycles, non-motor vehicle accessories, rail transportation equipment, ships and accessories, elevators, cable cars and accessories, airplanes and accessories , container finishing equipment, motorcycles and accessories, tire exhaust gas treatment facilities, traffic safety, other logistics services, relocation, domestic water transportation, domestic land transportation, domestic air transportation, international logistics, domestic special lines Freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, special logistics inspection, customs clearance, electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, tractors, other special vehicles, ships, instruments, waterways, facilities, transportation and handling equipment, lifting and loading equipment, general transportation equipment, logistics auxiliary equipment, transportation product processing, transportation equipment maintenance, transportation agency agents to join Used Transportation Equipment Others
Papermaking raw materials, cultural paper, packaging paper, household paper, wallpaper waste paper, other uses, paper, papermaking additives, labels, tapes, ropes, cable trays, packaging materials, auxiliary packaging materials, bamboo and wood packaging, cloth packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, metal packaging Supplies Composite packaging materials Papermaking equipment and accessories Paper processing machinery Packaging related equipment Industrial paper Office paper Other unclassified electrical packaging Toy packaging Hardware packaging Environmental packaging Cosmetic packaging Pharmaceutical packaging Food packaging Daily packaging Clothing packaging Gift packaging Packaging testing equipment Paper testing Instrument paper processing paper agent joined
Printing and publishing
Ink culture, printing paper desk calendars, wall calendars, greeting card stickers, printing consumables, laser anti-counterfeiting prints, publications, audiovisual products, and electronic reading media and communication typesetting, plate making equipment , printing supplies, printing equipment, post printing equipment , other unclassified plastic film plating Tin plate roll blanket plate film, film color code, color card packaging printing processing commercial printing processing books printing processing products printing processing life printing processing special printing card printing and printing machinery special accessories printing supporting equipment printing testing equipment printing machinery maintenance printing agent Joined used printing equipment
Lock smart card safe doorbell, video doorbell anti-theft, alarm equipment anti-theft, alarm system monitoring equipment lightning protection products bulletproof equipment anti-riot equipment self-defense equipment military supplies life-saving equipment fire protection equipment operation protection anti - static products traffic safety equipment sports protective equipment security and emergency services Natural disaster protection product monitoring system intercom system access control equipment and systems public broadcasting system anti-counterfeiting technology products security supplies processing security supplies maintenance security supplies agent inventory security supplies other unclassified
Environmental protection
Waste paper waste metal textile waste leather waste chemical waste electronic slurry air purification equipment water treatment chemicals sewage treatment equipment waste recycling and reuse noise reduction equipment public environmental sanitation facilities environmental monitoring equipment filter material filtering equipment energy saving environmental protection material analysis instrument hydrological instrument garbage Treatment equipment fan, exhaust equipment cleaning, cleaning equipment waste electronic appliances air treatment chemicals adsorbent filler environmental protection equipment processing environmental protection equipment maintenance environmental protection equipment joined second-hand environmental protection equipment other unclassified
Chemical industry
Inorganic chemical raw materials, organic chemical raw materials, plastic raw materials, other resins, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate oils and products, chemical additives, food additives, feed additives, catalysts, chemical reagents, glass inks, fertilizers, pesticides, biochemical ceramics, laboratory supplies, pyrotechnic products, other polymer plastic products, plastic crafts, rubber products Daily Chemicals Polyurethane Adhesives Chemical Fiber Dye Coatings Pigments Flavors, Essences Chemical Equipment Plastic Production Processing Equipment Other Unclassified Chemical Waste Composition Analysis
Fine Chemicals
Skin Chemicals Hair Chemicals Cosmetics Chemicals Oral Chemicals Aromatic Deodorant Chemicals Pest Control Products Slimming Chemicals Breast Chemicals Other Daily Chemicals Pesticides Pharmaceuticals Pesticides Chemical Fertilizers Animal Medicine Natural Adhesives Inorganic Adhesives Synthetic Adhesives Dye inorganic pigments, fillers, organic pigment coatings, paints, inks, catalysts, surfactants, adsorbents, synthetic materials, auxiliaries, leather chemicals, textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, papermaking auxiliaries, water treatment chemicals, building chemicals, fine chemicals, smelting auxiliaries, and smelting additives. Petroleum wax automobile lubricants, industrial lubricants, other additives, food additives, feed additives, chemical reagents , flavors, flavors
Rubber plastic
General Plastic Engineering Plastic Special Plastic Recycled Plastic Masterbatch Plastic Film Plastic Tube Plastic Plate (Roll) Plastic Sheet Plastic Rod Plastic Profile Plastic Welding Foam Plastic Container Sponge Plastic Packaging Product Plastic, Resin Crafts Plastic Mesh Plastic Raw Material Household Plastic Product Plastic Building Material Industrial and agricultural plastic products, other plastic products, rubber machinery, plastic machinery, plastic processing, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, waste rubber, tires, rubber sheets , rubber sheets, rubber sheets, industrial rubber products, agricultural rubber products, electronic plastic products, daily rubber products, cultural and educational rubber products, medical plastics Other rubber products
Textile, leather
Natural textile raw materials , hides, furs, chemical fiber yarns, grey cloths, cotton series fabrics, linen series fabrics, woolen series fabrics, silk series fabrics, blended fabrics, knitted fabrics, clothing accessories, chemical fiber fabrics, lining nonwovens, industrial fabrics, embroidered fabrics, dyed fabrics , Tie-dyed, printed fabrics , other fabrics, dyes, textiles, accessories, bedding, decorative textiles, kitchen textiles, blankets, towels , knitting, handicraft bags, leather goods, textile instruments, textile waste, leather waste, leather additives, leather textiles, leather processing, textile equipment and equipment, artificial leather, artificial fur Synthetic leather composite fabric reflective material
Metallurgical minerals
Non-ferrous metal minerals Heavy non-ferrous metals Light non- ferrous metals Non- ferrous metal alloy pipes Tubes of rare earth metals Stainless steel ferroalloys Construction steel plates, coil steel billets wire mesh metal powder furnace charge, flux magnetic materials scrap metals non-metallic minerals non-metallic mineral products graphite and carbon products beneficiation Equipment Metallurgy Equipment Metal Forming Equipment Small Metal Precious Metals Other Unclassified Materials Utter Steel Coated Products Metal Processing Materials Ferrous Metals Mineral Mining Handling Equipment Mining Conveying Equipment Mine Construction Equipment Geological Survey Equipment Manhole Cover Heat Treatment Equipment Smelting Processing Metallurgical Minerals Join
Rubber products for agriculture Animal medicine Grain Vegetables Fruits Tea Rice noodles Coffee, Cocoa Cotton Hemp oil-seed kernels Edible fungi Tobacco green seedlings Bamboo, Rattan reed Charcoal plant extracts Animal extracts Animal and vegetable oil seeds, seedlings Aquatic products and products Egg products Poultry, livestock, breeding animals, silkworm cocoons, silk feathers, down and wool, raw materials, leather, edible oil, animal hairs, manure casings, poultry eggs, feed, feed additives, fertilizers, nuts, dried fruits, garden tools, agricultural tools
Health care
Rubber latex products, health tea, functional drinks , medicinal wine, health wine, health food, health products, weight loss products, personal care, medicinal packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, chemical packaging materials, chemical intermediates, chemical raw materials, animal enzymes (enzymes) preparations, pharmaceutical excipients, plant extracts, disinfection products, medical materials, plastic shaping Beauty Supplies Medical Information Medical Equipment Rehabilitation Products Sexual Products Pharmaceutical Equipment Medical Equipment Manufacturing Equipment Medical Services Other Unclassified
Building materials
Timber plate stone stone stone crafts cement and products lime, gypsum concrete and products building glass ceramics, enamel and products plastic building materials metal building materials waterproof, moisture-proof materials refractory, fire-proof materials insulation, sound-absorbing materials insulation materials special building materials construction materials bricks, tiles and Block wall materials, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, wallpapers, locks, building decoration, hardware fittings, pipes, kitchen facilities, sanitary facilities, coatings, adhesives, operation protection, storage room stacking and handling machinery, construction and related equipment, bamboo and wood processing, furniture manufacturing machinery, ceramics, enamel production and processing machinery, engineering , packaging and decoration Design other unclassified
Petroleum fuel petroleum products additives raw coal natural gas coal products electricity solar equipment UPS and power batteries mining equipment petroleum processing equipment generators, generator sets energy unclassified asphalt petroleum coke solvent oil bioenergy biogas equipment wind energy equipment power transmission equipment transformer bridge energy-saving equipment geology Seismic instrument waste oil inductor bridge gas equipment lubricating oil (grease) petroleum wax
Clothing and shoes
Women's tops, women 's skirts, women 's underwear, women 's underwear, pregnant women 's clothing, men 's clothing, men 's underwear, men 's underwear, children's clothing, baby clothing , middle-aged and elderly clothing, uniforms, work clothes, shawls, sportswear, silk scarves, clothing display props, clothing, clothing accessories, women's shoes, men 's shoes, children's shoes, clothing accessories Shoes Repair Equipment Scarf Women's Bags Men's Bags Series Gloves Hats Socks Belts and Accessories Ties Clothing Processing Equipment Ironing and Washing Equipment Stock Clothing Apparel Processing Apparel Design Clothing Agent Other Uncategorized Cool and Slippers
Gifts and crafts
Fashion Accessories Gold and Silver Pendants Metal Crafts Bamboo and Wooden Crafts Crystal Crafts Glass Crafts Ceramic Crafts Plastic Crafts Stone Crafts Jewellery Jewelry Resin Crafts Paper Crafts Plant Weaving Crafts Textiles, Knitting Crafts Folk Crafts Carving Crafts Bionic Crafts Sculpture Natural Crafts Simulation Crafts Antique Crafts Religious handicrafts, advertising gifts, festival supplies, calligraphy and picture frames, picture frames, antique paintings , flashing supplies, souvenirs, funeral supplies, clocks, lighters, key holders , candles and candlesticks, incense products
household products
Daily series household rubber (latex) products bedding decoration textiles household paper products household bamboo, wood products household plastic products household glass products household ceramics, enamel products household metal products lighters, smoking equipment clock frames, picture frames incense and incense burners Personal Care Daily Chemicals Tableware Cookware Kitchenware Kitchen Textile Insulation Containers Kitchen Facilities Bathroom Facilities Cleaning Equipment Shoe Cover Machines, Shoe Shines Gardening Equipment Furniture Baby Carriages and Bags, Bags, Leather Umbrellas, Rain Gear, Sun Umbrella Knives, Shears, Brush Sewing Woven Baby Products Household Scales Pets and Supplies Doorbells, Video Doorbell Lighting and Lamps Others
Computer, digital
CD, disk printer consumables CPU card motherboard motherboard mouse, keyboard MP3 chassis UPS power network equipment, accessories desktop electronic notebook notebook server, workstation headset software unclassified microphone, microphone network engineering digital accessories computer related supplies management software game product computer Product manufacturing equipment memory software development fan, heat sink other unclassified hard disk mobile storage speaker display scanner industrial control computer repeater, learning machine card reader wireless network equipment computer repair, installation of recording pen camera camera
Household appliances
Water purifier, water dispenser, juicer, mixer, coffee machine , electric kettle, electric cup, electric cooker, microwave oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, range hood, refrigerator, freezer humidity regulator, air purifier, heater, air conditioner, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, fan, exhaust fan, iron Laundry, clothes drying equipment , mobile phones, soft towel machines, oxygen electromechanical insect repellent, audio products, home theater remote control, household appliance manufacturing equipment, rice cookers, televisions, other unclassified dish machines, soymilk machines, toasters, soap dispensers, oven waste processors, hair clippers
Communication Products
Mobile phone cell phone accessories mobile phone accessories rechargeable battery phone card caller display dialer charger antenna network test equipment fixed phone mobile phone PBX switch fax machine pager walkie-talkie network communication products communication system GPS system communication cable telephone accessories wireless network equipment radio and television, telecommunications equipment communication products Processing other unclassified VPN devices, SMS systems, connection equipment, wiring products, communications products, agents, communications testing equipment, communications products, maintenance, installation, inventory, communications equipment
Office, Culture and Education
Office series cultural and educational rubber (latex) rubber products CD bag pen bag optical and camera equipment photo frame, picture frame optics and camera equipment supplies stationery calculator office paper book, books, books backpack teaching model, utensil teaching facilities laboratory supplies telephone, Video Phone Group Telephone Fax Copier Printer Typewriter Projector Shredder Time Attendance Machine Plotter, Photographing Machine Video Conference System Office Furniture Other Unclassified
Sports and leisure
Extreme sports products Sunglasses Outdoor products Hotel supplies Dance supplies Sports accessory products Sports protective equipment Pets and supplies Souvenirs Poker Chess instruments Fishing Fitness equipment Recreation facilities Aquarium equipment Sports shoes Sports clothing Other unclassified track and field supplies Basketball supplies Football supplies Volleyball supplies Tennis supplies Badminton Supplies Table Tennis Supplies Golf Supplies Baseball, Softball Billiard Supplies Bowling Supplies Squash, Handball Hockey, Rugby Water Sports Supplies Skating, Ski Shooting Supplies Martial Arts Supplies Weightlifting Supplies Equestrian Supplies Catering Equipment
food and drink
Soft drinks, wine, tea, coffee beans, cocoa fruits, fresh aquatic products, meat, canned food, fresh vegetables, frozen foods, convenience foods, snack foods, health foods, soy products, egg products, honey products, dairy products, sugar starch, edible oil, food additives, food storage equipment, cooking equipment, food Beverage processing equipment, edible fungi, poultry, eggs, vegetable products, other unclassified rice and noodles, rough processed aquatic products, beverages, condiments, meat products, bread, food packaging, food and beverage processing, food and beverage agents.
Wooden toys, plastic toys , stuffed toys, electronic toys, electric toys, toy beads, ball dolls, transportation toys, toy guns, model toys, educational toys, baby carriages and accessories, toy accessories, inflatable toys, toy phones, musical instruments, other unclassified pedal scooters, masks , frisbees, and windmills Pet toys Military toys Play house toys Anime, film and television theme toys Sports toys Whole person toys Magic toys Baby toys Amusement facilities Game consoles and accessories toys Design processing toys Repair and installation toys Agents join inventory toys
business services
Real estate import and export agency certification services Ticketing travel services Catering trademark registration company registration software development engineering contract bidding, bidding property rights transfer intellectual property patent technology venture capital investment promotion financial management consulting investment consulting financial consulting market research other consulting intermediary services leasing, pawning other education and training Legal services Immigration, visa auction insurance translation, logistics, indoor cleaning, cleaning and maintenance, installation of shopping malls, medical services, labor export, recruitment services, unclassified management training
Advertising Design
Advertising production Advertising planning Advertising release Advertising agency Architecture and model design Film and television program production Graphic design Advertising promotion gift exhibition design and production billboard packaging design conference and event planning corporate image design Industrial design film and television program cooperation Light box picture, album display rack display cabinet promotional material design Other creative design photography services media advertising web design decoration design public relations planning performance services etiquette services camera services design consulting trademark design rollup advertising market research journals, newspaper advertising banners other advertising services
Apparel, shoes, hats, exhibitions, bags, leather goods, exhibitions, beauty care, exhibitions, jewelry, accessories, exhibitions, food and beverage exhibitions, health care exhibitions, sports and leisure exhibitions, IT, digital exhibitions, information and communication exhibitions, daily household exhibitions, household appliances, exhibitions, gift crafts, exhibitions, toy models, exhibitions, office, cultural, exhibitions, construction, real estate, building materials, raw materials, exhibitions Energy Equipment Exhibition Metallurgical Minerals Exhibition Chemical Raw Materials Exhibition Textile Leather Exhibition Agriculture Forestry Animal Husbandry Exhibition Auto Transportation Exhibition Hardware Tools Exhibition Bathroom Ceramics Exhibition Machining Exhibition Electronic Electrical Exhibition Lighting Optoelectronic Exhibition Warehouse Logistics Exhibition Packaging Printing Exhibition Security Protection Exhibition Instrumentation Exhibition Audio Instrument Exhibition Investment Join the exhibition financial trade exhibition advertising film and television exhibition art gardening exhibition tourism accommodation exhibition performance service exhibition design booth construction
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Business Enterprise Recommendation
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· Zhuji professional waterproof patch Jiangsu Tailong Reducer Co., Ltd. has.
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Shanghai Junyi Communication Panasonic Telephone. Agarwood in Huazhou, Maoming City , Guangdong Province.
Guangzhou Juxingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is limited. · Jiangsu Bairuite Trading Co., Ltd.
· Jiaxing City Special Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. Dongguan Lixiang barcode products are limited.
Shanghai Jinliu Maoye Fluid Technology. · Taiyuan Huachang Metal Material has.
· Shandong Albertson Electric Co., Ltd. · Luban Master Building in Fujian Province has.
High-altitude building defense in Sanli Port , Jiangsu. · Tianjin Zhunsheng Electromechanical Products Trade.
· Nanchang Huazhong Modern Enterprise Management. · Nanchang Huazhong Modern Enterprise Management.
· Hong Kong Runic Gene Testing Center · Tiangu Recycling Tobacco and Wine
Zhengzhou Zhongtai pipeline equipment manufacturing. · Tianjin Development Zone recycles tobacco and alcohol
Recycling of tobacco and alcohol in Tianjin Binhai New Area. · Beijing inventory backlog recovery company
· Tianjin Recycling Tobacco · Tanggu Recycling Tobacco Co., Ltd.
· Tianjin Whole Plant Equipment Recycling Company Recycling of tobacco and alcohol in Tanggu Development Zone.
Beijing Ditai Kesheng Technology Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Yixin Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is limited.
Shenzhen Cinda Metal & Plastic Waste. Wuhan Wanruite Electronics Co., Ltd.
· Dongguan Jiangxing Industrial Co., Ltd. Wuhan Wanruite Technology Co., Ltd.
· Zhengzhou Aidi Technology Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Huazhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Cangzheng sensing instrument is limited. Qinhuangdao Zhengmeihao Engineering Technology.
Beijing Shuangda Albert CHAN Technology Development. Shenzhen Jinzhuayu Technology Co. , Ltd.
· Kaifeng Huier Instrument Co., Ltd. Dacheng Environmental Testing in Dongguan Yes.
Shenzhen Daya New Technology Co. , Ltd. · Shanxi quick management business consulting.
Shanghai Bilai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. · Shanghai Kuangfu Inverter Repair Center
Dengfeng Yuhao high temperature components have. · Quanzhou industrial and commercial registration
Beijing Yuan Shida switching power supply is on. · Fuzhou Lile Electric Company
· One point traffic facilities in Shenzhen. Beijing Heng Gaoxin Technology Co., Ltd.
· Little Deer Tea Official Website · Jingxian Baize Engineering Rubber & Plastic Co. , Ltd.
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Shanghai Yingling Electronic Weighing Apparatus Limited. · Shenzhen Jingkechuang Electronic Equipment.
Shenzhen Xinhonghai Logistics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xinhonghai Logistics Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Xinhonghai International Freight. Taiyuan Huichuan Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is limited.
Daming Electronic Materials Shenzhen Limited. Yongjia Jinding Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is limited.
· Shenzhen Langte Electronics Co., Ltd. · Beijing Hengtong Air Conditioning Leasing Company
Xi'an Guoheng Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology. Shenzhen Maxion Technology Co., Ltd.
· Jinan Theo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Wende mineral products are limited.
· Shanghai Youang Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Wuxi Shaohui Trade Co., Ltd.
Jining Shengheng Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is limited. · Hubei Nengmaike Industrial Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Haoxiang Screen Products are limited. · Shenzhen Hyde Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd.
· Xi'an Saipu Automation Instrumentation Technology. · Dongguan Sancheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
· Fuzhou Rong Xing catering management has. Chengdu Xitong Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. is limited.
Pedder International Co., Ltd. Shanghai. · Foshan Jisheng Intelligent Equipment has.
Yinchuan colorful printing industry trade is limited. Foshan simple culture is limited.
Shandong Jinyun Culture Media Limited. Shenzhen Jintong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has.
Jining Oriental Huayun Cultural Media. · Jining Arts Circle Cultural Media Limited.
Sino-Swiss artificial environment engineering is limited. Hangzhou Zhongrui Ruitaike Composite Material.
· Air purification equipment | laboratory. · Foshan Shengrun FRP Co., Ltd.
· Tianyang Machinery, Qufu City , Shandong Province. · Foshan Shengrun FRP Co., Ltd.
· Chang'an Yujie Environmental Cleaning Company · Cinema movie crowdfunding
· Qingdao Xuxin Chemical Co., Ltd. Electric King Precision Electric (Beijing) Yes.
Henan Mingsai Machinery Co., Ltd. is limited. Sichuan Zhongce Landscape Technology.

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