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Shandong Liangshan Aerospace Used Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Zhang Xianjing (Sales Manager)
Phone: 182-64769669
Mobile: 13562755259

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204 oil press
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10 ton stainless steel reactor
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10t stainless steel deodorizing tank for sale in Shandong
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Supply of new stainless steel reactor stainless steel tube condenser

Company Profile
Shandong Liangshan Aerospace Grease Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly sells second-hand stainless steel reactors, second-hand decanters, and second-hand stainless steel condensers. The company is located in the famous and beautiful Shuibo Liangshan. The aerospace company was established in 2005. It currently has 100 employees, including 40 technicians and 10 engineers. More than 50 people travel around the country from north to south. We have been committed to "customer satisfaction" as our highest goal. "Open source to reduce costs, make best use of materials, pursue higher cost performance, and create value for customers" is our guiding principle.

Shandong Liangshan Aerospace Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the adjustment of second-hand chemical equipment and second-hand grain and oil processing equipment, as well as various related genuine factory parts and accessories. All second-hand equipment are imported and domestic brand-name products. Mainly engaged in second-hand chemical equipment are: used horizontal spiral centrifuge, used sewage treatment equipment, used sludge dewatering machine, used three-foot centrifuge ...
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Shandong Liangshan Aerospace Second-hand Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Company address: Shandong Liangshan Quanpu Development Zone
Mr. Zhang Xianjing (Sales Manager) Tel: 182-64769669 Fax: 0537-7602355
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