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Jinbo Hardware Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd., who wants to contact the official website of LBS097.COM   Website: Pneumatic waste cleaning machine_Jinbo Hardware Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd., go to Myanmar Old Street Welfare to contact who's official website LBS097.COM mobile station

Company basic information
Jinbo Hardware is a company specializing in selling imported hardware pneumatic tools. Located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, mainly sells Taiwan pneumatic, electric, auto repair, spray polishing tools.
The main brands are: Taiwan Kingbo, DR, Japan SP, Japan Compact (Compaq), Japan Iwata and so on.

Jinbo Tools advocates the enterprise spirit of "professional, pragmatic, efficient and innovative", and has a good internal mechanism. High-quality products and good after-sales service have won the trust of our customers.

Our aim is: "Quality and service in exchange for your trust and support, mutual benefit and create a win-win situation!"

Our company is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create a better future!

business information
· Supply Taiwan LG pneumatic pull gun LG-802 (August 13) · Supply pneumatic belt machine | Pneumatic wire drawing machine | Rotary belt machine | Bend pipe sander (August 13) · Supply AV pneumatic polishing machine | AV pneumatic sander | AV pneumatic sander | AV disc sander (August 13)
· Supply pneumatic grinder | pneumatic grinder | pneumatic angle grinder (August 13) · Supply plastic polishing machine | paint polishing machine | pneumatic polishing machine (August 13) · Supply Finger Sander | Overlay Grinder | Pneumatic Grinder | Pneumatic Grinder (August 13)
· Supply 3 inch polishing machine | 3 inch waxing machine | pneumatic sander | pneumatic waxing machine · Supply triangle sander | Pneumatic polishing machine | Pneumatic polishing machine | Pneumatic sander (August 13) · Supply square sandpaper machine | square sander | pneumatic duster | pneumatic sander (August 13)
· Supply Pneumatic Vacuum Polishing Machine | Pneumatic Sander | Pneumatic Sander | Disc Sander · Supply disc sander | pneumatic sander | pneumatic duster | pneumatic sander (August 13) · Supply Taiwan LG series riveting nut gun
· Supply Taiwan LG pneumatic pull gun LG-801 (August 13) · Supply Taiwan Kingbo waste cleaning machine | pneumatic waste cleaning machine | color box waste cleaning machine | handheld waste cleaning machine (August 13) · Supply pneumatic belt belt machine | rotating belt belt machine | pipe bending machine | pipe bending machine (August 13)
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Main products or services:
Pneumatic waste cleaning machine, UV polishing machine, PU polishing machine, pneumatic grease gun, pneumatic polishing machine, pneumatic sander, pneumatic riveting gun, pneumatic wrench, ratchet wrench, spray gun, wind batch, pneumatic belt machine,
Economic nature of the enterprise:
Individual business
Business model:
number of workers:
5 people or less
Company registration place:
major business:
Main markets:
Main place of business:
Registered funds:
RMB 300,000-500,000
Legal representative / person in charge:
Li Tao
Brand management:
Management certification system:
Whether to provide OEM services:

Jinbo Hardware Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd., who wants to contact the official website of LBS097.COM
Mr. Peng Long (Sales)
phone: 0769-88459335
fax: 0769-88459335
mobile phone: 18664050402
Online Contact:
company address: Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Postcode: 523960
Company's main page: ( (Favorite )

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