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Metal crafts Bamboo & Wooden Crafts crystal craft
Glass products Ceramic crafts Plastic crafts
Stone Crafts Jewelry Jewelry
Resin Crafts Paper crafts Plant weaving crafts
Textile and Knitting Crafts Folk crafts Carving crafts
Bionic Crafts sculpture Natural crafts
Simulation crafts Antique crafts Religious crafts
Advertising gifts Festival Supplies Calligraphy and painting
Photo frame, picture frame Craft painting antique
Collection Flash supplies souvenir
Funeral supplies Clocks Lighter, smoking set
Keychain Candles and candlesticks Chain rope
Incense products banner Bonsai
Flowers Decoration box gift bag
Model toys Musical instrument Process raw materials
Crafts hardware tools Crafts processing equipment Crafts accessories
Jade Office pendant Automotive interior
Mobile phone accessories Other unclassified Gift wrapping
Join craft gift agent Craft gift processing

Corporate Directory Recommended Corporate Information
Meishun Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. 90 (production)
Main: rubber parts, flannel stickers, 3M double-sided rubber punching, special-shaped pearl cotton, black rubber foot pad, copper foil punching, foam foot pad, ...
Shanghai Huhao Trade- {CROSS 高 仕} Official China Agent 51 (Trade)
Main: Montblanc pen, Montblanc leather goods, Montblanc watches, Tudor (..
Shanghai Huaichu Stationery Co., Ltd. 42 (service type)
Main: T-shirts, cultural shirts, advertising shirts, T-SHIRT, POLO shirts, promotional clothes, shirts, hats, headbands, gloves, protective ...
Shenzhen Biaocai Keychain Factory 40 (production)
Main: Acrylic Keychain, Metal Keychain, Wooden Keychain, Crystal Keychain, Leather Keychain, Illuminated Keychain, Soft ..
Suzhou Recycling Network Technology Co., Ltd. 21 (Trade)
Main: Suzhou Gold Recycling, Kunshan Gold Recycling, Taicang Gold Recycling, Changshu Gold Recycling, Zhangjiagang Gold Recycling, Wu ..
Global International Hongbo Cultural Relics Art Exhibition Auction Group 20 (production)
Main: antiques and antiques, porcelain, jade, miscellaneous, calligraphy and painting, gems, coins, dzi beads, wood, bronze ...
Shanghai Dasen Printing Co., Ltd.-Shanghai Paper Shelves, Display Racks 20 (production)
Main: Paper Shelves, Paper Display Racks, Paper Display Boxes, Paper Display Racks, Paper Pile Heads, Display Boxes, Packaging Designs, Color Boxes, Carton Packaging ..
Shanghai Jiushi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. 20 (production)
Main: Jade, Bronze, Porcelain, Miscellaneous, Calligraphy, ..
Chongqing Huizang International Auction Co., Ltd. 20 (service)
Main: Calligraphy and paintings of famous artists, antiques and antiques, porcelain, miscellaneous, jade, Ming and Qing furniture, bamboo and wood carvings, modern oil painting, famous kiln ..
Zhou Li hook flower shop 12 (production)
Main: Handicrafts, Wool Hook Flowers, ..
Ningbo Haishu Haifan Trading Co., Ltd. 11 (Trade)
Main: Business Gifts, Promotion Gifts, Special Gifts, Celebration Gifts, Opening Gifts, Memorial Gifts, Yue Kiln Celadon, Tea Sets, ..
Xianyou County Zhisheng Mining Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: ..
Xiamen Jingxian Electronics Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Wing Sang Craft (Hong Ping Wood) Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: Simulation butterfly, three-dimensional simulation model, ..
Xuzhou Glass Bottle Factory 10 (production)
Main: wine bottles, beverage bottles, jam bottles, sauce bottles, canned bottles, honey bottles, cups, ...
Shidao Jianmin Silk Flower Products Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Botou Seiko Corporation Limited 10 (production)
Main: ..
Beijing Shenhua Timepiece Company 10 (Trade)
Main: Shenhua brand world clock, 24 small clocks, promotional gifts, advertising gifts, ...
Yizheng No.2 Electric Appliance Factory 10 (production)
Main: ..
Wuxi Shitangwan Hardware Polishing Material Factory 10 (production)
Main: ..
Shenzhen Zecheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ffc flat cable ..
Shijiazhuang Longgong Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Production and sales of various tapes ..
Haixing Electronics Co., Ltd. 10 (service type)
Main: ..
Zhejiang Yuhuan Jiusheng Copper Industry Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: faucet, plumbing equipment ..
Ningbo Yutian Hardware Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: flashlight, carabiner, bottle opener, key ring, whistle, ...
Dongguan Humen Mingfeng Plastic Polishing Factory 10 (production)
Main: Plastic mobile phone cases, plastic watch accessories, PC products, plastic glasses accessories, acrylic products, ABS products, resin products ..
Chaoan Tianze Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Production of environmentally friendly cleaning series ..
Hangzhou Lvheng Paper Mold Products Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Paper / Lined Packaging ..
Jiangmen Leader Information Technology Co., Ltd. 10 (Government or other agency)
Main: Export ..
Cixi Dada Refrigeration Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Heilongjiang Xinchengxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Real Estate Development. Civil Engineering ..
Tianjin Jinlong Special Material Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Sinotrans Shandong Co., Ltd. Rizhao Branch 10 (service type)
Main: Agent export sea ..
Zhejiang Sanzhou Group 10 (production)
Main: Electrical ..
Wafangdian Fengtai Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Bearings ..
Pinghu Xinmiao Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Fujian Quanzhou Jinquan Ink Factory 10 (production)
Main: Printing Ink ..
Shengwei Boiler Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Shanghai Quanxinhang Trading Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: ..
Saucon Peace (Shanghai) Electric Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: soft starter, inverter, high voltage circuit breaker, servo system, soft starter, contactor, ...
Taian Zhengxin Technology Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Nantong Forging Equipment Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Jinan Lvba Chemical Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Pesticide Production and Sales ..
Shenzhen Tianliang Electronics Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Production. Sale MP3 ..
Hilton Asia Limited 10 (production)
Main: ..
Guangzhou Caishi Machinery Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: Chemical Petroleum Equipment ..
Ruian Taida Woven Bag Factory 10 (production)
Main: Plastic woven bag, rice bag, flour bag, feed bag, cement bag, snake skin bag, chemical bag, snake skin bag, woven bag, plastic ...
Shanghai Lisheng Stationery Gift Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: Germany Pelikan agent, Germany Bakers agent, Japan Parker agent, PARKER, WATERMAN Wei ..
Weichuang Technology Trading Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: ..
Shanghai Faye Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: ..
Shenzhen Haoming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: Panasonic closed circuit monitoring products ..
Hangzhou Huatai Tailian Trading Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: bopp film, glazing film, matting film, double film, bopp light film, bopp matting film, dumb film, printing composite film, ...
Jiangsu Taifu Culture Development Co., Ltd. 10 (service type)
Main: porcelain, jade, calligraphy and painting, miscellaneous, mortgage pawn, appraisal auction, private transaction, cash acquisition, ...
Shenzhen Jin Anda Technology Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Hangzhou Lin'an Medicinal Glass Bottle Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Medical glass bottles, cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles, oral liquid bottles, ...
Xiangde Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Digital Camera ..
Deqing Meibaoya Clothing Co., Ltd 10 (production)
Main: Silk printing or dyeing scarves, polyester chemical fiber printing or, acrylic scarves, chiffon scarves, crafts Europe and America ..
Shandong Fengxian Group Co., Ltd. 10 (Government or other agency)
Main: Food Processing ..
Zhenjiang Yongsheng Light Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. 10 (Trade)
Main: ..
Yiwu Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale | Yiwu's Largest Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale | Fashion Jewellery 10 (Trade)
Main: Yiwu sterling silver jewelry, Yiwu sterling silver jewelry wholesale, sterling silver bracelet, sterling silver bracelet, sterling silver ring, sterling silver pendant, sterling silver ...
Fushun Carbon Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Carbon Products ..
Beiling District of Ningbo City Chaiqiao Hongling flowers and gardens 10 (Government or other agency)
Main: Flowers and Trees ..
Zhejiang Pujiang Jiafeng Crystal Craft Company 10 (production)
Main: Crystal Crafts ..
Yongkang Yijian Reflective Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Shenzhen Gangli Art Supplies Factory 10 (production)
Main: Canvas, Oil Painting, Inkjet Printing, Photo ..
Huicheng Textile Printing and Dyeing Equipment Technology Service Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Printing and dyeing equipment and accessories ..
Shifeng City, Fujian Province Dafengnian Garment Factory 10 (production)
Main: Clothing Export ..
Shanghai Zhongheng Detection Technology Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Antique inspection, antique transaction, bronze purchase, porcelain purchase, free auction, ...
Xinchang Machinery Equipment Factory 10 (production)
Main: Automation Machinery ..
Changzhou Wujin Chuangyi Machinery Fittings Factory 10 (production)
Main: chemical packing, tower internals ..
Shanghai Dongying Clothing Co., Ltd 10 (production)
Main: Semi-precious stone jewelry, crystal jewelry, semi-precious stone crafts, ..
Beijing Ninth Five-year Sign Production Company 10 (production)
Main: Gold Stacked Signs, Sand Gold Signs, Laser Signs, Metal Bad Plates, Unit Medals, Authorized Agents, Equipment Signs, Gold ..
Wuhan Yongdeli Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
Shaoxing Tianzhu Thread And Belt Factory 10 (production)
Main: Production of various curtain belts ..
Foshan Jinkebao Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: heat shrinkable film, plastic bag, wrapping film, color printing plastic bag, pearl cotton, bubble bag, film, label, ...
Hangzhou Sancheng Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Export ..
Shaanxi Liquan Yonglong Fruit Trading Company 10 (Trade)
Main: ..
General merchandise department 10 (Trade)
Main: Stock Trade ..
Guangzhou Jiaqi Paper Products Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Processing and printing of self-adhesive labels, calendar printing, company color page printing, agent barcode label printing, agent barcode scanning ..
Mianyang Huilida Materials Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: ..
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