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Hunan Xiangmei Black Goat Breeding Co., Ltd. 10 (production)
Main: Xiangmei Black Goat, Black Goat Breed, Black Goat Hotpot, Black Goat Roasted Whole Sheep, Changsha Black Goat ..
Beijing Yunlilai Feed Company (Production Type)
Main: Cow and sheep premix, additive, rabbit premix ..
Linyi Integrity Piglet Base (Production Type)
Main: Piglet wholesale, piglet wholesale price ..
Shandong Xianghai Animal Husbandry Breeding Base (Production Type)
Main: Small Tail Han Sheep, Dubo Sheep, Simmental, Limousin Cattle, Luxi Cattle, Fattening Cattle, Beef Calf ...
Yu Xin (production)
Main: Tenebrio molitor insects, Tenebrio molitor commercial insects, Tenebrio molitor ..
Jiangsu Junman Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Military turkeys, Bettina turkey seedlings, bronze turkey seedlings, Nikola turkey seedlings, turkey white strips ..
Shandong government officials comprehensive breeding farm (production type)
Main Business: Luxi Cattle, Limousin Cattle, Charolais Cattle, Angus Cattle, Hayford Cattle, Simmental, White Flower Milk ..
Shandong Changhe Animal Husbandry and Breeding Base (Trade)
Main: cattle and sheep, beef cattle, Simmental cattle, Luxi cattle, beef sheep, small-tailed cold sheep, Boer goat, breeding sheep, male ...
Shandong Jinhong Husbandry Cattle, Sheep, Donkey and Horse Improved Breeding Base (Production Type)
Main Business: Beef Cattle, Meat Sheep, Meat Donkey, Simmental Cattle, Luxi Cattle, Ternary Hybrid Cattle, Shelf Cattle, Bolshan ...
Wendeng Augilius Mink Industry (Production Type)
Main: Mink breeding, mink species, pure Danish ...
Maoming Turtle Acquisition Network (Service Type)
Main: Money Turtle, Stone Money Turtle ..
Anhui Haina Baichuan Special Breeding Center (Production Type)
Main: Loach, Lobster, Pheasant, Water Margin, Tu Yuan, Peacock ..
Shandong Province regular beef cattle yellow cattle fattening cattle improved calf farm (production type)
Main: Beef Cattle Cattle Breeding Cattle Fattening Cattle Hybrid Cattle, Luxi Cattle Limousin Cattle Charolais Cattle, Calf ..
Songyuan Ermabao Organic Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Organic Rice, Green Rice, Organic Millet, Organic Peanut, Organic Mung Bean, Organic Kidney Bean, Yes ..
Chuanshan Rabbit Driver Farm (Production Type)
Main: Hybrid Hare, Big Ear Rabbit, Yila Rabbit, New Zealand White Rabbit, Wholesale Rabbit, Wholesale Rabbit ..
Turtle pet net (service type)
Main: Money Turtle, Stone Money Turtle ..
Shandong Baixin Animal Husbandry Cattle Farm (Production Type)
Main: Beef Cattle, Boer Goat, Small Tail Han Sheep ..
Shandong Sanxin Animal Husbandry and Cattle Breeding Base (Production Type)
Main: Small Tail Han Sheep, Boer Goat, Black Goat, Milk Goat, Simmental Cattle, Limousin Cattle, Luxi Huang ...
Hanshou Turtle Standardized Aquaculture Demonstration Base (Production Type)
Main: Chinese sturgeon wholesale and direct sales, supply of various types of ecological turtles, Chinese sturgeon imitating wild turtles, turtles, turtles ..
Shandong Zhifa Wanfa Beef Breeding Sheep Farm (Production Type)
Main Business: Beef Cattle, Meat Sheep, Meat Donkey, Simmental Cattle, Luxi Cattle, Small Tail Han Sheep, Boer Goat ..
Huizhong Animal Husbandry (Production)
Main: Purebred horses, Luxi cattle, Limousin cattle, Texas meat donkeys, meat donkeys, horse racing, marriage horses, small tail cold ...
Shandong Hongshun Animal Husbandry (Trade)
Main: Simmental cattle, Limousin cattle, Charolais cattle, Luxi cattle, Boer goats, small-tailed cold sheep, Asia ..
Shandong Yangyang Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main Business: Boer Goat, Dober Sheep, High Yield Cow, Limousin Cattle, Luxi Cattle, Milk Calf, Beef Cattle, Meat ...
Shandong Zhongwei Animal Husbandry (Production)
Main: Small Tail Han Sheep ..
Beijing Chunming Fangtong Electronics Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Incubation equipment ..
Yongning Sanding Earthworm Breeding Factory (Production Type)
Main: dried earthworms, fresh earthworms, earthworm powder, lumbrokinase, earthworm organic fertilizer, grape ...
Qixia Zhonghu Fruit Wall Bee Pollination Sales Center (Production Type)
Main: wall bee, bee tube, wall bee price, wall bee sales, wall bee pollination, baby queen bee ...
Henan Yijiayi Biological Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: em strains, fermentation bed strains, straw starter, feed starter, manure starter ..
Shandong Xianghe Animal Husbandry Breeding and Breeding Base (Production Type)
Main: Hebei beef cattle farm, Henan Anhui beef cattle farm, Jiangsu beef cattle farm, Jiangxi beef cattle ...
Guangzhou Xinhua Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Native Yuan breeding, Snail breeding, Pheasant breeding ..
Mianyang rice chicken breeding cooperative (production type)
Main: Local chickens, free-range chickens, running pheasants, old courtyard black chickens, herbal chickens, red roosters, off-temperature chickens, native chickens ..
Shanxi beef cattle breeding base (trade type)
Main: Beef breeding base in Shanxi, Beef breeding base in Shanxi Province, Beef breeding base in Shanxi Province, Simmental ..
Zhang Tao (self-employed) (trade type)
Main: French rex rabbits, German rex rabbits, American rex rabbits, New American rex rabbits, pure breed rex rabbits, giant high-hair rabbits, Jane ..
Loyal Pig Farm (Production Type)
Main: Piglets, piglets, piglets, piglets, piglets, piglets, piglets, piglets, piglets, piglets, piglets
Jiangsu Qixin Animal Husbandry (Production)
Main: Miao pigs, piglets ..
Changtu County Changming Poultry Hatching Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Goose chicks, goose seedlings, goose breeding eggs, fertilized eggs, goose breeding ..
Western Guangdong Gold Turtle Farm (Service Type)
Main: Money Turtle, Stone Money Turtle, Crocodile Turtle ..
Five-star processing plant (production)
Main: Rape Seeds, Rice ..
Fengling Fengling Chicken Farm (Production Type)
Main: Local chicken, Pheasant, Civet ..
Huizhou Aquatic Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (Trading)
Main: Bodhisattva fish, Bodhisattva fish exclusive fish tank, betta fish, Chinese betta fish, betta fish tank, cat's claw ..
Shandong Fumin Meat Beef and Sheep Breeding Base (Trade)
Main Business: Beef Calves, Improved Beef Cattle, Luxi Cattle, Simmental Cattle, Limousin Cattle, Shelf Cattle, Meat Sheep, Breed ..
Hunan Xiangmei Black Goat Breeding Co., Ltd. Wantou Farm (Production Type)
Main: Xiangmei black goat, how about Xiangmei black goat, Hunan Xiangmei black goat, Changsha Xiangmei black goat, Xiang ...
Shandong Meat Dog Farm (Trade)
Main: Meat Dog, Tibetan Dog, Mongolian Dog, Saint Bernard, Shepherd Dog, Great Dan, Big Billy, Pet Dog ..
Shanxi beef cattle base (trade)
Main: Beef cattle, dairy cows, Shanxi beef cattle breeding base, Shanxi beef cattle base, Shanxi beef cattle breeding base ..
Xiangyang Fengyi Longyuan Yuanyuan Breeding Base (Trade)
Main: Earthen Yuan 1 ..
Hubei Fuxiang Breeding Technology Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Breed rabbits, rex rabbits, New Zealand rabbits, Belgian rabbits, hares, meat rabbits, rabbit cages, feed, epidemic prevention ...
Shandong Haoran Animal Husbandry Breeding Base (Production Type)
Main: Stud Cattle, Simmental Cattle, Luxi Cattle, Charolais Cattle, Limousin Cattle, Stud Sheep, Small Tail Han Sheep, Po ...
Dongyuan County Anshi Town Tianyuan Aquaculture Professional Cooperative (Production Type)
Main: beef cattle breeding, animal husbandry, Liaoyuan beef cattle breeding, Liaoyuan Tianyuan Animal Husbandry, Northeast Animal Husbandry Base ..
Jiangsu Hongyun Large Pig Farm (Production Type)
Main: seedlings, breeding pigs, piglets, Duroc, Pickland, about grams, Changbai, grow up, big grow, three yuan ...
Shandong Laizhou Beef Cattle Promotion Center (Production Type)
Main Business: Yellow Cattle, Shelf Cattle, Cattle, Beef Cattle, Beef Calf, Simmental, Cow ...
Shanmei Village, Huanggang Town, Raoping County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province (Production type)
Main Business: Swine equipment, compound manure drain board, nursery bed, sow farrowing bed, sow positioning pen, nursery leak manure board, litter ...
Wenzhou Xinhua Frozen Food Co., Ltd. (Trade)
Main: Frozen Cattle Food, Frozen Sheep Food, Frozen Chicken Food, Frozen Duck Food ..
Shandong meat beef and sheep breeding cooperative (production type)
Main Business: Boer Goat, Small Tail Han Sheep, Beef Cattle, Meat Sheep, Meat Donkey, Simmental Cattle, Limousin Cattle, Charolais ...
Regular beef cattle, sheep, donkey, horse, dog breeding farm (trade type)
Main: calves, meat donkeys, three pink donkeys, riding horses, small-tailed cold sheep, Simmental cattle, Texas donkeys, Limousin ...
Shandong Wangyou Animal Husbandry (Government or other agency)
Main: Small Tail Han Sheep, Boer Goat, Green Goat, White Goat, Black Goat, Beef Calf, Charolais Cattle, Limu ..
Chunhua Otter Rabbit Breeding Cooperative in Daozhuang Town, Guangrao County, Dongying City (Production type)
Main: Rex Rabbit, Rabbit, Liu Chunhua, Chunhua, Feed, Pellet Feed, Grass Powder ..
Qiujia Farm (Production Type)
Main: Tortoise, Yellow Margin, South Stone, North Stone, Daqing, Stone Money Turtle, Money Turtle, Black Neck, Annan, Anyuan, Taiyuan ..
Xinji Jinmu Technology Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Musk rat, Muskrat, Green root mink, Musk rat skin, Green root mink, Musk, Young musk ...
Cangzhou Protein Insect Breeding Company (Production Type)
Main: locust, locust egg, grasshopper ..
Guizhou Liuzhi Xinglong Bamboo Rat Farm (Production Type)
Main: Commodity rat, breed rat ..
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