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021-63635505 Shanghai Express | Yiqi Logistics 50 (service)
Main business: Shanghai to Yuyao Cixi special line, special line transportation, Zhejiang special line, Tangshan special line, Shanghai to national freight ...
Liaoning Gaizhou Metal Powder Factory 10 (production)
Main: Various aluminum powder ..
Shenzhen Xinxing Metal Company (Production Type)
Main: Metal zirconium, metal hafnium, zirconium basket, zirconium rod, zirconium plate, zirconium target, zirconium chip, zirconium corner, zirconium ingot, hafnium, hafnium ..
Anping Wenda Fence Netting Factory (Production)
Main: Fence Netting, Highway Fence Netting, Netherlands Net, Community Fence Netting, Stadium Fence Netting, Farm Fence ..
Nanjing Yigang Online E-commerce Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Rebar, Strip, Hot Rolled Coil ..
Xingqiang Tin Industry (Production Type)
Main: Solder bar, lead-free solder bar, environmentally friendly solder wire, environmentally friendly solder paste, flux, environmentally friendly solder bar, solder ..
Kunshan Zilin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: high frequency machine, intermediate frequency machine, melting furnace, welding machine, gold melting furnace, copper melting furnace, aluminum melting furnace, iron melting furnace, tin melting ..
Suzhou Huashun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main business: Suzhou aluminum plate aluminum coil, Wujiang aluminum plate aluminum coil, Kunshan aluminum plate aluminum coil, Shanghai aluminum plate aluminum coil ..
Guangzhou New Jinjing Trading Co., Ltd. (Trading)
Main: Nickel alloy, zinc powder, molybdenum wire, reed wire, lead ingot, silver ingot, magnesium belt, nickel powder, metal silicon, metal alloy ..
Changzhou Qiangde Trading Co., Ltd. (Trade)
Main: Copper ingot, aluminum ingot, zinc ingot, tin ingot, lead ingot, zinc, tin, lead, aluminum, copper ...
Guangzhou Zhuyi Trading Co., Ltd. (Trading)
Main: Metal Materials ..
Jiangsu Honger Nonferrous Alloy Industry Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Copper plate, copper bar, copper rod, copper tube, copper ingot, copper alloy, copper, wear-resistant bronze, copper iron alloy, silver copper ...
Jiye Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Stainless steel, 304,316l, 301,309s, 310a, 2520,2205,904l, 600,800 ..
Zhongyuan Group (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (Trade)
Main: Metal Materials ..
Dongguan Special Mold Steel Material Wholesaler (Production Type)
Main: SUS440C, SUS440C round bar, SUS440C sheet, imported SUS440C, domestic SUS440C, wholesale ...
Suzhou Jiuhua Tin Industry Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Tin Slag Recycling, Buy Solder Paste, Waste Tin Recycling, Tin Bar Recycling, Suzhou Tin Slag Recycling, Tin Slag, Waste Tin ..
Yunnan Solder Group Smelting South China Factory (Production Type)
Main: Tin slag recycling, waste tin recycling, solder recycling, tin block recycling ..
Pan-Asia Nonferrous Metal Exchange Yuncheng Service Center (Trade)
Main: Investment, Financial Management, Metal, Non-Ferrous Metal ..
Shenzhen Sanzhou Metal Materials Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: 304 stainless steel belt, 301 stainless steel belt, 201 stainless steel belt, 202 stainless steel belt, 430 stainless steel belt ..
Shanghai Sanya Trading Company (Production)
Main: Tellurium ingot, cadmium ingot, sodium stannate, intermediate alloy, arsenic copper alloy, antimony ingot, chemical reagent, bismuth ingot, beryllium copper ...
Shanghai Tianrui Industrial Co., Ltd. (Trading)
Main: Gold mine development sales, real estate development sales ..
Zhongshan Chengxin Hardware Waste Recycling Company (Service Type)
Main: Zhongshan Waste Recycling, Zhongshan Waste Copper Recycling, Zhongshan Waste Stainless Steel Recycling, Zhongshan Waste Aluminum Recycling, Zhongshan ..
Weichang Copper and Aluminum (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Aluminum alloy, brass, oxygen-free copper, aluminum brass, lead brass, tin brass, nickel brass, tin bronze, beryllium bronze ...
Guangxin Precious Metal Smelting Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Electroplating factory, electronics factory, jewelry factory, printing factory ..
Dongguan Biaomei Metal Material Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, spring steel, mold steel, hard alloy ...
Dongguan City Shengfeng mold steel business (production)
Main: Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, High Speed Steel, Magnesium Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Graphite, Gear Steel ..
Shenzhen Hongxin Bailian Metal Material Business Department (Trade)
Main: Die steel, hot and cold rolled steel, alloy steel, tungsten steel, stainless steel, magnesium alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy ..
Quanzhou Qijin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: sputter coating, magnetron sputtering target, evaporation coating particles, evaporation coating material, magnetron target, ...
Wugang Gangyuan Wide and Heavy Plate Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: NM360`, NM400, wear-resistant steel plate, hydrogen container plate, quenched and tempered medium-thick steel plate, Wugang agreement, low ..
Anping Tianrui Metal Products Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Stainless Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Welded Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Fence, Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Conveyor Belt, Steel Grating ..
Huagang Group (Nanjing) Trading Co., Ltd. (Trading)
Main: Metal Materials, Chemical Materials ..
Beijing Liancheng Material Recycling Co., Ltd. (Service Type)
Main: scrap iron recycling, copper scrap recycling, aluminum scrap recycling, stainless steel recycling, template recycling, cable recycling, kitchen ...
Foshan Junyi Environmental Scrap Metal Recycling Co., Ltd. (Service Type)
Main: Foshan Waste Recycling Company, Foshan Waste Metal Recycling Company, Foshan Waste Metal Recycling Company, Foshan ..
Shenzhen Baoda Tin Industry Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Lead-free tin wire, lead-free electrolytic tin bar, electrolytic lead-free high temperature tin bar, 6337 tin wire, 6337 tin bar, no ..
Brilliant Precious Metals Recycling Co., Ltd. (Trade)
Main: silver paste, silver electrode, gold salt, silver salt, gold water, platinum rhodium wire, silver nitrate, silver oxide ..
Guangdong Jinhao Copper Industry Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: H65 brass strip, brass plate, brass wire manufacturer, brass rod price, copper strip, phosphor copper strip, copper ...
Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute (Production)
Main: Titanium and titanium alloy rods, titanium copper composite rods, titanium and titanium alloy tubes, titanium and titanium alloy plates, zirconium and zirconium alloys ..
Kunshan Yongsheng Silver Paste Recycling Company (Service Type)
Main: Silver Paste Recovery, Monocrystalline Silicon Recovery ..
Tongchuang Waste Recycling Company (Trade)
Main: copper scrap recycling, iron scrap recycling, plastic scrap recycling, aluminum scrap recycling, tin recycling, metal scrap recycling ...
Hangzhou Haiming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: stainless steel strip, stainless steel strip rounded edge, stainless steel strip to front, stainless steel strip to burr, no ..
Shanghai Panzhu Aluminum Alloy Material Co., Ltd. (Trade)
Main: Hexagonal aluminum rod, aluminum rod, aluminum tube, aluminum profile, aluminum plate, aluminum square rod, aluminum square tube, 7075 aluminum plate, angle aluminum ..
Baoji Zhirui Metal Materials Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Titanium tube, titanium rod, titanium wire, titanium plate, titanium standard ...
Jiangsu Honger Nonferrous Alloy Industry Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Copper Plate, Brass Plate, Copper Bar, Brass Bar, Copper Rod, Brass Rod, Copper Tube, Copper-Iron Alloy Plate, Silicon ..
Dongguan Changan Guangli Metal Materials Sales Department (Production)
Main: Copper strip, copper rod, copper plate, copper bar, brass belt, brass bar, brass plate, phosphor copper rod, phosphor copper ...
Nanjing Tongpu Analytical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Analytical instruments, elemental analyzers, five major elemental analyzers, carbon and sulfur analyzers, computerized carbon and sulfur analyzers, ...
Anping Ruize Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main Business: Gabion Net, Fence, Grassland Net, Welded Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Net, Gabion Gabion Net, Dutch Net, Chain Link Fence ..
Wuxi Dingchang Special Steel Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: 201 stainless steel tube, 304 stainless steel thick wall tube, 321 stainless steel plate, 2205 stainless steel rod, no ..
Nanhai Metal Smelter (Dongguan) Branch (Production)
Main: Scrap Copper Recovery / Processing, Scrap Aluminum Recovery / Smelting / Remelting, Scrap Iron Recovery / Remelting, Waste Stainless Steel / Remelting ..
Shunde District of Foshan City, Hong Yuda Trade Co., Ltd. (Trading)
Main: Angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, H-beam, welded pipe, square pipe, galvanized pipe, furniture pipe, ..
Forest Material Recycling Company (Trade)
Main: Tin strip, tin wire, tin block, tin slag, tin wire, tin ingot ..
Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Zhonghe Trading Company (Production)
Main: Rolling plate, open plate, wing plate, web plate, flange plate, middle plate, slitting plate, cross cutting plate, steel plate ..
Shanghai Lion Head Metal Materials Co., Ltd. (Trade)
Main: Low temperature container plate, boiler container plate, alloy plate, carbon steel bar, H-beam, I-beam, angle steel, channel steel ..
Dongguan Jingpu Special Metal Material Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Copper alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, zinc alloy ..
Shenzhen Waste Recycling-Xionghuan Recycling Resources Recycling Company (Service Type)
Main: Scrap Iron, Scrap Iron, Scrap Plastic, Scrap Copper, Scrap Aluminum, Scrap Stainless Steel, Scrap Nickel, Scrap Circuit Board, Scrap Electronic ..
Dongguan Chang'an Yaotai Metal Material Co., Ltd. (Trade)
Main: Steel, Aluminum, Easy Car Iron, Copper, Free Cutting Steel, Stainless Steel ..
Tianjin Shunbao Iron and Steel Trade Co., Ltd. (Production)
Main: Stainless steel products, alloy steel pipes, non-ferrous metals ..
Rongchang waste tungsten steel recycling smelter (production)
Main: Waste Tungsten Steel Recycling, Carbide Recycling, Waste Milling Inserts, Drill Recycling, End Mill Recycling, CNC Turning ..
Shenzhen professional copper scrap recycling company waste metal waste recycling waste plastic waste recycling (trade)
Main: Professional copper scrap recycling, waste material recycling, waste precious metal recycling, copper scrap collection, waste tin waste tin slag return ..
Dongguan CITIC PS Edition Recycling Company (Production)
Main: scrap iron, scrap aluminum, ps version, brass, copper, high price recycling ..
Xi'an Lianhu District Nantai Stainless Steel Distribution Department (Trade)
Main: Stainless steel water tank, stainless steel plate, stainless steel rod, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel composite pipe, stainless steel angle ..
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