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Anhui Guangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Li Yun (sales manager)
Phone: 0550-7315498
Mobile: 18949138598

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TYRT thermal resistance, TYTC thermocouple, thermal resistance TYRT, thermocouple TYTC

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Temperature Sensor

The TYRT series thermal resistors manufactured by Anhui Yuanguang Instrument Co., Ltd. are suitable for installation in upper guide, lower guide, and bearing cases. The lead wire of this product is imported with a PTFE sheath (oil and temperature resistance). The inner adopts a silver-plated shield structure. The resistance is split and it can be removed. It is easy to install. The platinum thermal resistance has accuracy, sensitivity, fast thermal response time, stable quality and long service life Etc. (Pt1000, Pt100 platinum thermal resistance G53, cu50 copper thermal resistance)

The thermal resistance can be used to measure the temperature in the range of -50 ~ 500 ℃, and it can be directly connected to the secondary instrument with copper wires. Because of its good electrical output characteristics, it can provide accurate temperature change signals for displays, recorders, regulators, scanners, data loggers, and computers.

Anhui Guangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd.
Mr. Li Yun (sales manager)
phone: 0550-7315498
fax: 0550-7315696
mobile phone: 18949138598
Online Contact:
company address: Tianying Road, Tianchang Economic Development Zone, Anhui, China
Postcode: 239300
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Anhui Guangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. Company Address: Tianye Road, Tianchang Economic Development Zone, Anhui, China
Mr. Li Yun (Sales Manager) Tel: 0550-7315498 Fax: 0550-7315696
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