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Business information classification query
· Machinery and industry equipment (781893)
· Chemical industry (316787)
· Housewares (131342)
· Electrician Electric (340125)
· Gifts and Crafts (499042)
· Textile, leather (52797)
· Construction and Building Materials (423141)
· Clothing, shoes and hats (108084)
Computer and Digital (163053)
· Agriculture (162710)
Food and drink (147363)
· Packaging, paper (182361)
Business services (666687)
· Metallurgical Minerals (250694)
· Office, culture and education (114753)
· Health Maintenance (152356)
· Household appliances (141788)
· Automobile & Accessories (90262)
· Sports and leisure (45391)
Communication products (100102)
· Safety and protection (235515)
· Energy (64239)
· Toy (26690)
· Exhibition (38827)
· Advertising and Design (103357)
· Printing and publishing (80505)
· Transportation and logistics (187218)
Environmental protection (151095)
· Fine Chemicals (8068)
· Rubber plastic (27696)
· Instrumentation (116880)
· Hardware Tools (72337)
· Electronic components (95325)
· Lighting Industry (34603)
Supplier Guide
The first step is to complete the necessary preparations!
1. Registered members Only when you register as a member can you enjoy high-quality services!
Registered business members become sellers' first choice! Business Member Service Introduction
1. Inquire about the business opportunities in the special procurement area and contact the big buyers.
2. Have luxury product exhibition halls, unlimited product booths.
3. Join the company's library yellow pages and get a five-in-one trade website.
4. Establish integrity files and become the first choice of businesses.
5. Each column of the website is recommended and ranked first.
6. All services of ordinary members, more quality services.
2. Publish company introduction Publish company introduction information-show company strength!
3. Post supply information to get buyer feedback!
4. Publish product information to create an online exhibition hall for buyers to visit anytime and anywhere!
The second step is to find purchasing information and take the initiative to find buyers!
1. Use the search function: You can directly search for the desired purchase information through the keywords of the product in " business opportunities ", and you can also filter by region and time according to the situation.
2. Query purchasing information by industry classification, and use the product name to query and browse the required purchasing information.
3. Register a business member , inquire about the business opportunities in the special procurement area , and take the initiative to contact the big buyers.
4. Find potential buyers through the “ Business Directory ” and introduce yourself to each other.
The third step is to subscribe to the market information and grasp the market situation at the first time!
Business information is a speed-matching service of supply and demand information provided by Enterprise Record.
1. We will send daily supply and demand information and related information to you directly according to the content you subscribe to.
If you can't log into the corporate directory frequently to find the information you are interested in, please subscribe now .
The fourth step, use other companies to record buyers tools!
1. " Message Management " will keep all the feedback you have obtained for publishing business opportunities, company files, product information, and all records of your subsequent contact with the sender of these feedbacks.
2. " Business Partner Management " quickly finds like-minded business partners in the vast sea of business and expands your relationship circle infinitely!
Please register now as a business member of Huaqi.com
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