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Lacey Transformer | Lacey Transformer Manufacturer @ 永昌 Laixi Transformer | Laixi Transformer Manufacturer @ 永昌 -Shandong Yongchang Power Equipment Co., Ltd.-Laixi Transformer | Laixi Transformer Manufacturer @ 永昌

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Company: Shandong Yongchang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. 40
Release time: January 02, 2020
Validity: June 30, 2020
Contact: Mr. Ma Quantang Add as a friend
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Mr. Ma Quantang (Manager)
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Phone: 0635-5085581
Fax: 0635-5085281
Mobile: 15806350882
Online Contact:
Address: South of Huangshan Road, Liaocheng Economic Development Zone, Liaocheng, Shandong , China
Postcode: 252000
Company's main page: http://lcrhbyq.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
Company: Shandong Yongchang Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Lacey Transformer | Lacey Transformer Manufacturer @ 永昌,
Shandong Yongchang Transformer Factory is a professional design, production and sales of dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, rectifier transformers, S11-type transformers, s9-M-type oil-immersed transformers, S13 series energy-saving transformers, S14-type oil-immersed transformers, S13-MRL Three-dimensional coil iron core transformer, S11 three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer, S11 low loss non-excitation transformer, high overload and high temperature resistant transformer, SZ11 automatic voltage regulator transformer, S11-M oil-immersed transformer, S11-800 full copper core oil Immersed transformer, S11-1600KVA / 10-0.4 oil-immersed transformer, SCB10 dry-type transformer, SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformer, Lacey Transformer | Lacey Transformer Manufacturer @ 永昌 315 kV dry-type transformer, SCB11-800 / 10 / 0.4 Transformer, SCB10-1250KVA Dry Type Transformer, High Overload Dry Type Distribution Transformer, SCZB10 On-load Regulating Dry Type Transformer, H-Class SGB11 Insulated Dry-type Transformer, SCR (H) B10 Series H-Class Insulated Encapsulated Dry Type Transformers, three-phase dry-type excitation transformers, 10KV dry-type transformers, SCB10-630KVA dry-type transformers, 315 kV dry-type transformers, 35-kV transformers, 10KV-kV transformers, box-type substations, etc. Business. Laixi Transformer | Laixi Transformer Manufacturer @ 永昌 has modern processing equipment and sound institutional equipment, advanced quality inspection station. The company has a team of highly qualified and highly qualified employees, and has highly qualified and experienced technical personnel in the industry.
The overload type dry-type transformer microcomputer protection device is an economical protection for the integration of measurement, control, protection, and communication; it is tailored for the high-voltage power distribution room of the distribution network terminal, with three-phase non-directional current protection as its core. It can also bring environmental protection benefits of fewer power plants because of its good power saving effect. SH15 amorphous alloy transformer is a low loss transformer. This low loss transformer uses amorphous alloy strip as a close-knit material, which has low noise and loss. Low, fully sealed, maintenance-free, and lower operating costs, can better solve the problem of power loss when oil pumping wells and electric field distribution loads are low, which means that the country has included energy-saving s11 oil-immersed transformers The scope of financial subsidy promotion. When the loss of s11 oil-immersed transformer is equal to or lower than the energy-saving evaluation value stipulated by the state's encouraging energy-saving policy, the s11 oil-immersed transformer can be evaluated as an energy-saving product by an energy-saving product certification agency in conjunction with other indicators. , Products that have obtained energy-saving certification will enjoy the state's encouraging energy-saving policies and enter the government procurement catalog. Intermediate and senior technical personnel with a college degree or above account for 30% of the total number of employees. Based on the company's independent research and development, make full use of the company's talent advantages to continuously learn, absorb the technology and experience of the same industry at home and abroad, and provide customers with value-added products and services. Laixi Transformer | Laixi Transformer Manufacturer @ 永昌 Since its establishment, it has always been adhering to the values of "innovation, focus and professionalism", and strives to provide society with "energy saving, environmental protection, stability and safety" electrical equipment. Contribute to the construction of a harmonious society. The fact that the transformer and the low-voltage screen are placed in the same distribution room creates conditions for the company to provide first-class products and thoughtful after-sales service.

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