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Weeping willow tree in Harbin Weeping willow tree in Harbin-Wancheng County Qiyun Nursery Planting Professional Cooperative-Harbin weeping willow tree

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Company: Qicheng County Yunyun Seedling Planting Cooperative 16
Release time: December 29, 2019
Validity: June 29, 2020
Contact: Mr. Hou Xianjie Add as a friend
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Mr. Hou Xianjie (General Manager)
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Phone: 14753071444
Fax: 0530-6492556
Mobile: 18605401441
Online Contact:
Address: Tancheng County Development Zone, Heze City, Shandong Province, China
Postcode: 274701
Company's main page: http://sdsjmmjd.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
http: // www.hzsjmm.com
Company: Qicheng County Yunyun Seedling Planting Cooperative

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The national locust tree, the price of the national locust tree, and the price of the national locust tree in Shandong are the birthplace of "Water Margin". It is located in the long-established "Hometown of Seedlings" and "Hometown of Chinese Heroes"-Shandong Tancheng Seedling Base welcomes you. It is next to Heze Railway Station and Bus Station in the south, and is adjacent to the Jiguang Expressway Import and Export Department in the east. The exit runs directly to Yingbin Avenue to the base. The base has Shuibo Liangshan in the north and Confucius and Mencius in the south.
Tancheng Bozhi Green Seedling Base is located in Zhangying Town, Tancheng County, Heze City, Shandong Province. Main products: Chinese locust, ash, French tung, acacia, weeping willow, purple leaf plum. Over the years, the base has always adhered to the principle of "quality first, customers first, small profits but quick turnover". Based on the honesty concept of reputation first, it has won the favor of customers. The service tenet of the base: "Creating high-quality seedlings and discovering cherished varieties , Honest hospitality, making friends, high quality and low price, contributing to the society, adding bricks and tiles to the construction of a beautiful home. "Welcome new and old customers from all over the country to visit Miao's order, this base will be happy to help you. Sales phone; 14753071444
Shandong Guohuai Seedling Base is a seedling base specialized in planting and selling Guohuai trees. The main varieties for planting and selling are Chinese locust tree seedlings and ash tree seedlings. The product has the advantages of high survival rate, strong resistance to diseases and insect pests, good quality and stable price. Over the years, our base has continuously learned to introduce advanced white wax planting technology and excellent Chinese locust seedling products, and expanded and improved its own Chinese locust seedling planting area and quality. At present, our company has a mature sales and planting system, which can support customers to select ash trees and locust trees on the site, and provide customers with integrated services of excavation, transportation and cultivation. Welcome new and old customers to come to our site to purchase. Mobile phone; 18605401441
The price of Chinese locust. The price of French tung. The price of ash. The price of acacia. The price of purple leaves. The price of Pentagon maple. Saponin.
5 cm white wax price 6 cm white wax price 7 cm white wax price 8 cm white wax price 10 cm 12 cm white wax price 15 cm white wax price 18 cm white wax price 20 cm white wax price
The base solemnly promises: pointing at the tree on site, digging on demand, fast loading speed, and ensuring survival rate. The credibility of the first, quality and quantity, small profits but quick turnover, the purpose of service to return new and old customers, free shuttle bus, free room and board, so that you can rest assured, live comfort, walk with peace of mind. Willing to cooperate sincerely with their peers. ?? Jining Guohuai seedling base sincerely welcomes you. We will take high-quality products, thoughtful service, * reasonable prices, honesty as the purpose, and quality as the survival. Welcome all customers to visit us! Get off the phone at Jining or Jiaxiang Bus Station or Railway Station. 186054014

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