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Supply Foshan to Macau logistics line direct Supply Foshan to Macau logistics line direct-Foshan Caravan Logistics Company- Supply Foshan to Macau logistics line direct

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Company: Foshan Caravan Logistics Company 20
Release time: December 31, 2019
Validity: June 28, 2020
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Ms. Li Man (Director of Business)
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Phone: 0757-88320086
Mobile: 13612619361
Online Contact:
Address: Dali, Foshan, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Company's main page: http://mbwl78112736.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
Company: Foshan Caravan Logistics Company

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Foshan Mapang Logistics Co., Ltd. is a logistics company with many years of operating experience and specializing in road transportation. It is mainly engaged in logistics, freight, transportation, long-distance, short-distance, vehicle, low-load transportation

Services, factory relocation, long-distance relocation, personal relocation, especially good at transporting large equipment. The company is formed by a group of dedicated and pragmatic employees with many years of work experience.

"Striving for hard work, self-stressing, hard work, and striving to be first-class", with scientific management as the guide, it has gradually developed from a small enterprise to a medium-sized transportation company with a certain scale.

The network advantage of round-trip transportation is based on the development goal of “based on logistics, internal referral and external linkage, and service to the society”. Adhere to the "credibility first, customer first" service purpose. Provide warehouses for enterprises and shopping malls

Storage, transit, distribution services. Our company adheres to the service tenet of "customer first, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness", implements "door-to-door" and "warehouse-to-warehouse" service methods, strict management, and diligent and pragmatic work. The company has opened more than 50 long-distance and short-distance dedicated lines. Access to more than 200 cities across the country, daily departures, punctual departures, punctual arrivals, full high-speed, safe, fast, and timely delivery.

I. Young and modern management team 1. Business department: responsible for promoting the company's actual business scope, never exaggerating the facts, and communicating with customers. 2. Management Department: Responsible for cooperation

The Ministry of Internal Affairs Department's vehicle dispatching, and management of driver's files, strict control of vehicles to prevent all over-age, faulty, incomplete vehicles. Supervise the driver's discipline and punish the winners.

3. Service tracking department: responsible for reporting to the customer every day on the load, location, road conditions, arrival time, and receipt receipt. Customers can also log in to our website or phone

Ways to query.

2. Pragmatic and responsible loading and unloading team 1. Responsible for tallying: sort the products into electronic products, furniture, furniture, machinery and equipment, food daily chemicals, Huagong building materials, etc.

Goods arrived at the customer's packaging intact, with zero damage rate 2. Packaging department: a professional carpenter division, tailor-made products according to needs, all using high-quality boards. 3. Supervisor:

Based on the principle that loving goods is equal to respecting customers, all wrong loading procedures and rain-proof facilities before the departure of vehicles are strictly checked.

3. Experienced driver team 1. Our drivers have many years of driving experience, are familiar with road conditions, and have a good service attitude. Keep the mobile phone powered on and provide timely feedback to customers and the company

Driving conditions. 2. The fleet consists of 5 to 60 tons and 5 to 17 meters vehicles. Using local cars to take local routes, high speed throughout, safe and fast.

Four, local branches 1. Responsible for communication with customers, understand politeness and service, and promptly and effectively resolve customer requests, without deception or concealment, and make no complaints. 2. Diversion

Timely delivery of goods is strictly prohibited. Crazy loading and unloading is strictly prohibited according to the location specified by the customer.

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