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Dongguan High Definition Video Surveillance System Installation Company Dongguan high definition video surveillance system installation company-Dongguan Xingwang Intelligent Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.-Dongguan high definition video surveillance system installation company

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Company: Dongguan Xingwang Intelligent Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. 17
Release time: January 11, 2020
Validity: July 09, 2020
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Phone: 13332652183
Fax: 81378210
Mobile: 13332652183
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Address: 2nd Floor, Qinglong City, Dongcheng Middle Road, Huangjiashan 1 Village, Shilong, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Company's main page: http://dgxwzn.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
Company: Dongguan Xingwang Intelligent Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan High Definition Monitoring Company Dongguan Monitor Installation Company Dongguan Monitoring Engineering Company
Clear images are always the key feature of video surveillance. In video surveillance, clear images can show obvious details, which is undoubtedly the best experience for users.
With the increasing audience of civil security and the rapid development of surveillance technology, high-definition network cameras, as the main force of surveillance technology, have become one of the main directions of surveillance technology. The combination of high-definition network cameras with optical imaging technology, intelligent analysis technology, and network transmission technology brings new changes. While continuously satisfying market competition needs, it tends to be a perfect realization of itself. High-definition network cameras have made new breakthroughs in technology in the past few years. It has profoundly affected the field of surveillance technology and will also profoundly change our lifestyle.

1.Continuously improving resolution

In terms of resolution, the development of high-definition network cameras can be said to be a thousand miles away. In addition to the megapixels, 1.3 million pixels, and 2 million pixels that are currently in contact, 3 million pixels, 5 million pixels, and 8 million pixels have been Appeared on the market, even products with 10 million pixels or more have begun to show signs in the monitoring industry. It can be said that people will never stop on their way to see more clearly.

2.COMS gradually replaces CCD

With the development of technology, the performance of CMOS sensors is rapidly improving. The CMOS sensor responds faster than the CCD, so it is more suitable for the large data volume characteristics of high-definition monitoring. From the perspective of the market, the traditional manufacturer of CCD, SONY, has begun to shift its focus to CMOS sensors. In its HD network cameras, it has almost adopted CMOS sensors. This may be regarded as a CMOS sensor. Phase victory.

3.ISP is integrated by encoding chip

By integrating the ISP, not only can the system cost be greatly reduced, the stability of the video can be greatly enhanced, and the optical performance of the image can be optimized. This has a very important role in improving the imaging quality of HD network cameras.

4. The intelligent analysis function is more practical

Intelligent analysis functions that have been implemented or are currently being implemented in high-definition network cameras include: video occlusion and video loss detection, video transformation detection, video blur detection, video motion detection, entrance and exit statistics, crowd movement and congestion identification, Object legacy identification, intrusion identification, and more. These features look a lot "inferior" to the intelligent analysis capabilities of the past, but they are more practical.

Dongguan Xingwang Intelligent Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, installing and maintaining various types of monitoring systems, has rich construction experience and comprehensive solutions. As long as users have monitoring needs, we can do better for you.
Prosperity and prosperity, I wish you a prosperous family! Choose to thrive, and your good luck will never stop!

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