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Supply 60 dial axial eccentric oil-filled seismic pressure gauge Supply 60 dial axial eccentric oil-filled seismic pressure gauge-Wuxi Kejia Special Pressure Gauge Co., Ltd.-Supply 60 dial axial eccentric oil-filled seismic pressure gauge

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Company: Wuxi Kejia Special Pressure Gauge Co., Ltd. 55
Release time: February 29, 2020
Validity: August 27, 2020
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Mr. Xiao Wei (Sales)
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Phone: 0510-85181500
Fax: 0510-82828500
Mobile: 13706188359
Online Contact:
Address: Xuelang Shuangxin Industrial Park, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Postcode: 214125
Company's main page: http://yalibiao.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
Company: Wuxi Kejia Special Pressure Gauge Co., Ltd.

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60 dial axial eccentric oil-filled shock-resistant pressure gauge YN-60ZP
60 dial axial eccentric oil-filled shock-resistant pressure gauge is suitable for diesel engine lubricating oil, cylinder liner cooling water, fuel oil, turbocharger oil, cooler cooling water and other pressure measurement systems, can withstand severe vibration of the diesel engine working environment, and can withstand The pulsation, shock and sudden unloading of the medium, the instrument indication is stable, clear and stable, and the service life is long. It is a substitute product for ordinary pressure gauges.
Specific parameters:
1. Installation form: axial eccentric mounting with side mounting.
2. Protection level: IP65;
3. Measuring range: (Mpa) 0 to 0.4; 0 to 0.6; 0 to 1.0; 0 to 1.6.
4. Accuracy level%: 1.6; 2.5;
6. Connector connection thread: M14 * 1.5; G1 / 4; 1 / 4NPT.
7. Working temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 55 ℃;
8. The working environment vibration frequency is not greater than 25Hz, and the amplitude is not greater than 1mm;
9. Executive standard: JB / T6804;
10. Use and maintenance
⑴The meter must be vertical: it should be tightened with a wrench when installing, and the case should not be forcibly twisted; avoid collision during transportation.
⑵The meter should be used at ambient temperature of -25 ~ 55 ℃.
⑶ Use the working environment vibration frequency <25HZ, the amplitude is not greater than 1mm.
⑷During use, because the ambient temperature is too high, the indicator value does not return to the zero position or the indication value is out of tolerance. You can cut the sealing rubber plug on the upper part of the case to make the instrument cavity communicate with the atmosphere.
⑸The use range of the meter should be between 1/3 and 2/3 of the upper limit.
(6) The instrument should be checked frequently (at least once every six months).

The company can provide users with the best product selection solutions and enjoy the most affordable product prices. At the same time, special pressure gauge products can be designed and manufactured according to user needs.
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