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Beijing Beauty Hygiene Permit Application Beijing beauty hygiene license strength application once passed inspection-Beijing Two Brush Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.-Beijing beauty hygiene license strength application passed once inspection

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Company: Beijing Two Brush Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. 10
Release time: February 29, 2020
Validity: August 27, 2020
Contact: Ms. Xiao Yu Add as a friend
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Ms. Xiao Yu (Corporate Consultant)
When contacting, please say that you saw it in the enterprise record, thank you!
Phone: 010-59444498
Fax: 010-59444498
Mobile: 13621270076
Online Contact:
Address: 2703, Building 8, SOHO East District, Jianwai District, Chaoyang District, Beijing , China
Company's main page: http://yuyiping1111.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
Company: Beijing Two Brush Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

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Detailed description

Beijing beauty hygiene license strength agent: Manager Yu {136.2127.0076}
Successfully applied for Beijing Beauty Hygiene License: Manager Yu {136.2127.0076}
Information required for beauty salon hygiene license:
(1) A copy of "Application for Health Permit";
(2) The floor plan of the business place (must be made by computer and the corresponding text description);
(3) Hygiene management system (post sanitation responsibility system, public supplies, utensils cleaning, cleaning system, health examination of employees and health knowledge training system, etc., the use of centralized air conditioning should also have a centralized air conditioning and ventilation system health management system)
(4) health management organizations;
(5) A photocopy of the business license for industry and commerce;
(6) A copy of the current annual air and public goods test report (requires testing from the CDC);
(7) A clear copy of the legal representative (person in charge);
(8) Copy and registration form of the certificate of health examination and health knowledge training for employees.
(9) When applying for formalities, you must bring your official seal.
Go to your local health and epidemic prevention department to apply for a "hygiene permit."
As long as your conditions are met, we will be 100% successful
Saves you time in applying for a license
Undertake a full set of sanitary licenses for Beijing Beauty Salon Company
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