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Song Yuelian, the special ophthalmologist of Shanghai Fifth Official Hospital, queues for registration Song Yuelian, a special ophthalmologist from Shanghai Wuguan Hospital, queues up for registration-Shanghai Xinbang errand service company

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Company: Shanghai Xinbang errand service company 10
Release time: February 29, 2020
Validity: August 27, 2020
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Ms. Li (Sales)
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Phone: 15821912441
Mobile: 15821912441
Online Contact:
Address: Zhongshan South 2nd Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Company's main page: http://shhdfptgh.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
Company: Shanghai Xinbang errand service company

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Song Yuelian, a special ophthalmologist of Shanghai Fifth Official Medical Hospital, queues up for registration
Song YuelianChief Physician / Associate Professor
Eye, Otorhinolaryngology Hospital, Fudan University-Ophthalmologist
Eye Otolaryngology Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University-Special Eye Clinic
Glaucoma conjunctivitis plaque cataract traumatic cataract elevated upper scleral venous pressure ... primary open-angle glaucoma ...
Good at: He has been engaged in clinical ophthalmology, teaching and research for a long time. He has rich clinical experience in dealing with various intractable diseases in ophthalmology, especially for the surgical treatment of glaucoma, trauma, and palatal diseases. Experts from 35 top-ranking hospitals in Shanghai make appointments to register for inspections and do not need to wait in long lines to see the registration of experts.

1: Registered services are purely entrusted by customers;

2: The client needs to provide information (such as name, gender, age, address, contact phone number, name of department or doctor);

3: Medical insurance customers please take the initiative to explain and provide corresponding medical insurance information to be deleted;

payment instructions:
2: Pay in person (that is, pay when you pick up the number at the hospital);
3: Alipay Online Banking Bank Transfer WeChat [requires deposit payment]

Number picking method:

1: The staff will contact you before 7.30 in the morning, please keep the mobile phone on;

2: We will inform you in time if there is a need to stop the doctor.

3: If the customer cannot go to the doctor for personal reasons, please inform the company in advance;

4: Customers who need to send the number, please contact us to inform the staff and provide the detailed address;

5: In order to ensure the company's interests, if our company's registration is successful and the customer does not go to pick up the account without notifying in advance, our company will not process the refund. If you fail to register the account due to our company, our company will refund the full amount.
Shanghai area hospital registration range:
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