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Supply of rubber antioxidant MB (MBI) 2-mercaptobenzimidazole Supply of rubber antioxidant MB (MBI) 2-thiol benzimidazole-Henan Rongxinxin Technology Co., Ltd.-Supply of rubber antioxidant MB (MBI) 2-thiol benzimidazole

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Company: Henan Rongxinxin Technology Co., Ltd. 10
Release time: January 05, 2020
Validity: July 06, 2020
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Ms. Su (Manager)
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Phone: 0392-2632999
Fax: 0392-2288878
Mobile: 15639219992
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Address: Jijiashan Focus Industrial Park, Hebi City, Henan, China
Zip code: 458000
Company's main page: http://hbsulina.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
Company: Henan Rongxinxin Technology Co., Ltd.

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Detailed description

Rubber antioxidant MB (MBI)

Chemical name: 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole
Molecular formula: C7H6N2S
Structural formula:

CAS number: 583-39-1

Indicator name


Refueling powder

Appearance (visual inspection)

White powder

Initial melting point ℃, ≥



Loss on heating%, ≤



Ash content%, ≤



Properties: This product is white powder. Odorless, but bitter. Soluble in ethanol, acetone and ethyl acetate, hardly soluble in petroleum ether, dioxane, insoluble in carbon tetrachloride, benzene and water. It has good storage stability and is the second anti-aging agent without pollution.
Uses: This product is used as an antioxidant for natural rubber, diene synthetic rubber and latex, and can also be used for polyethylene. It has protective effect on oxygen, atmospheric aging and static aging, etc. It can also effectively protect against copper damage and overcome the adverse effects caused by excessive sulfur during product vulcanization. This product can be used alone or in combination with other antioxidants (such as DNP, AP, and other non-polluting antioxidants) to obtain a significant synergistic effect. This product is easily dispersed in rubber, does not change color under sunlight, and is slightly polluting. When used alone, the amount is generally 1-1.5 parts. When the amount exceeds 2 parts, frosting will occur. The amount used in the latex foam rubber was 0.5 parts. Due to its bitter taste, it should not be used in food contact rubber products. It has an unstable effect on latex and can also be used as a heat-resistant oxygen agent for plastics.
Packaging: 25kg plastic woven bag, paper-plastic composite bag, kraft paper bag.
Storage: It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Packaged products should be protected from direct sunlight. Since the date of production, the storage period is 24 months.
Note: This product can be made into ultra-fine powder according to customer requirements.

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