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Supply Chongqing to Zhumadian logistics company establishment Supply Chongqing to Zhumadian logistics company establishment-Chongqing Xinguang Logistics Co., Ltd.-Supply Chongqing to Zhumadian logistics company establishment

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Company: Chongqing Xinguang Logistics Co., Ltd.
Release time: February 29, 2020
Validity: August 30, 2020
Contact: Mr. Wu Add as a friend
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Mr. Wu (business manager)
When contacting, please say that you saw it in the enterprise record, thank you!
Phone: 023-88728775
Mobile: 13594306109
Online Contact:
Address: Huarong Parking Lot, Yubei District, Chongqing, Yubei District, Chongqing , China
Company's main page: http://wjl941190523.srtiforum.com ( (Favorite )
Company: Chongqing Xinguang Logistics Co., Ltd.

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Chongqing to @ 驻马店 # Freight Company, @@ 物流 专线, & 13594306109, Chongqing to Zhumadian Logistics Company, Freight Line, Xinguang Logistics 023-88728775, choose * 佳

Service, * good ★★ * cheap% ★★ Zhumadian Hotline) Chongqing to Zhumadian Logistics company consultation, (Mr. Wu

13594306109) Chongqing to Zhumadian freight company to undertake family relocation, site relocation, plant relocation transportation,

Chongqing freight, long and short distance transportation business; vehicle, LTL business. China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing issued on the 3rd

The distributed data show that non-manufacturing intermediate input prices have maintained a sequential growth trend for four consecutive months. Main

The industry's intermediate input price index for the transportation industry has been at the forefront of all industries in the past two months, and cost-driven prices

The upward pressure on the grid has appeared, and the logistics industry has been significantly affected.
Service area:
1. Undertake family relocation, site relocation, plant relocation transportation
2. Chongqing freight, long and short-distance transportation business; vehicle, less-than-truckload business
3.Long, large, stupid, heavy cargo transportation, large machinery equipment transportation
4 Company and family move, baggage check, piano check)
5.Car consignment, commercial vehicle, off-road vehicle transportation
6.Warehousing, packaging, distribution, door-to-door business
7. Collection payment = terminal unloading = original return = door-to-door service
8. You can sign an agreement with your company. For the convenience of customers, there are the following methods for freight settlement (1. pay now, 2. pay on delivery)

3. Pay the bill by 4 and pay monthly.
From door to door-just a phone call, everything is done for you, sitting at home, goods going around the country
Fast speed-Departure on time every day, never delay, keep in close contact with the truck anytime, anywhere
Responsible person-every single business is negotiated by a person, feedback, one vote to the end
Flexible checkout-collect cash on delivery
Service standards:
Pickup: The company will arrange relevant personnel to pick up the goods within two hours after receiving the commission from the customer.
Delivery: All goods are loaded on the same day and departed on the same day according to different modes of transportation.
Delivery: Immediately notify the consignee to deliver goods on time after the goods arrive.
Packaging: Strictly follow the packaging requirements
Chongqing to Ji Zhumadian Freight Line
Freight development goals:
Implement a modern scientific freight development strategy and create an integrated and functional supplier brand.
Freight company purpose:
Obligation is the root brand of freight, people-oriented, creating industry-leading.
Freight company mission:
Combining commercial storage and transportation companies and other related industries across the country to promote the modernization of China's freight industry

Heart freight industry.
Freight operations:
Network transportation, full-process tracking. .
Freight company spirit:
Unity and innovation, loyalty and pragmatism.
We will cherish your every trust! Your satisfaction, my pursuit, and dedication to win the praise of customers from all walks of life, as long as you give us a trust, you are also fully satisfied
Service guarantee:
Can feedback to the customer on time of delivery of goods by way of service network or fax, telephone on time

Operation and delivery, increase operational transparency, and relieve worries

There is a driver file, which can provide valid documents, copies and contact numbers of freight drivers at any time. Company management

Strict rationality and emphasis on internal training, company employees can treat customers as everything we do, and treat goods as private

Have the property to provide the best protection and service.
The quality of the company's operating personnel is comprehensive, and it can provide timely, economical and efficient

The company has set up a complete freight work flow system, from cargo loading, in transit, information feedback and arrival
Each order will be contacted by the customer's phone provided by the customer on the day when the goods arrive.

Department, by fax, phone or email to inform the other party of the exact pickup time.
A customer information feedback form is provided with the vehicle to keep informed of opinions and suggestions during the transportation process.

Establish customer files, customer visit cards, visit customers regularly, understand customer requirements, and improve our services

Service quality.
The company's internal management is rigorous, the division of labor is clear, and each piece of goods has a detailed record.

, Each department signed and verified step by step, and finally handed over to the operation department for specific operations, followed by the customer service department throughout the process
The notifications are all in charge, and can deal with specific matters in a timely and effective manner. 24-hour service

An insurance agreement unit of the People's Property Insurance Company of China can make an appointment for insurance and issue a separate insurance policy.
Chongqing Xinguang Logistics Co., Ltd. will escort your property. Respond quickly and act now
We will cherish your every trust! Your satisfaction, my pursuit, and dedication to win the praise of customers from all walks of life, as long as you give us a trust, you are also fully satisfied
We do better because of our profession. We are trustworthy because of integrity.
, Proactive service, customer success.
Customer First, Reputation * One Convenience = Timely = Save Money = Peace of Mind
Chongqing Xinguang. Is a professional freight company mainly engaged in road transportation. It specializes in highways from Chongqing to various places throughout the country. Long-distance freight transportation of bulk cargoes to and from combined transportation. The company has open cars. High-barrier cars. Fully closed cars. Containers Vehicles. Commodity trucks special transporters, large tonnage semi-trailers, rich models, solid supply base, strong business force, strong shipping strength, preferential prices, and adequate services. We maintain good business relationships with customers from all walks of life in China and many intermodal companies. At present, the company has freight service partners in major cities, and has formed a comprehensive freight service network with Chongqing as the center and covering major cities across the country.
Chongqing Xinguang Logistics has accumulated rich management models and transportation experience, gradually changed its service concept, improved its service level, and created huge industry value.
People-oriented, customer-oriented, efficient, safe and fast, so that customers' products create the highest economic value!
Sincere cooperation and common development
Contact: Mr. Wu
Phone 023-88728775
Mobile: 13594306109
Address: Huarong Parking Lot, 111 Jinyu Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing

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