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All supply and demand information
Repair generator hotline: 13178872688
Motor Parts Hotline: 13178872688
Xiangtan Electromechanical Motor Repair Factory Hotline: 13178872688
Foshan Motor Repair Factory Hotline: 13178872688
Supply ABS PA-758 AG15A1 PA-765A 920 900
Supply PC / ABS C6600 C2950HF-100 T65 T85
Supply AS (SAN) PN-117C 127H NF2200AE 80HF
Supply PBT 357U 310SE0 4115 4830 D201 364
Supply PC 243R-111 LN-1250G 110 201-08
Supply ABS PA-718, AF-312C, 510E
Supply ABS high rubber powder HR-150F / 181/183
Supply AS 117L200, HF2200AE, 82TR
Supply PC / ABS 0140, 345, 385, T-85
Supply PC / PBT 1402BU, HCB9230
Supply PC / PTFE Mitsubishi 7025M10
Supply PC / PTFE Mitsubishi 7025M10
Supply PA6 B30S, CM1014, BKV130
Supply POM 107UV, FU-2025, KT-20
Supply PMMA GF1000, HT55X, CP-51A
Supply PP: 332K, 7533, 6331 Taiwan Fuju
Supply PP 7633, 366-3, 366-5 Taiwan Fuju
Supply PP 73F4-3, ST611M Taiwan Fuju
Supply PP ST868M, 6524 PT100 Taiwan Fuju
Supply PP ST869M, PJ3003, 943 Taiwan Fuju
Supply PP: K1011, K4535, K1035, BC387, Taiwan, Taiwan
Supply PP K8003 K1023 K8025 K4515 Taiwan Taihua
Supply PP S1005 S1035 K8009 Taiwan Taihua
Supply PP: 1040, 1120, 1040F Taiwan Yongjia
Supply PP 3015, 3080, 5090T Taiwan Yongjia
Supply of polypropylene foam beads (EPP) with 15-35 expansion ratio
Supply Yuanjiang brand rutile titanium dioxide R288 plastic steel
Supply Mitsubishi Acrylic
Supply of elastomer particles TPR, TPE
Supply Caprolactam
Supply of nylon-6 slices
Supply low fuel swell type PPS 6165A7S FORTRON
Supply POM HP270X HP90X CP15X Poly
Supply TPV 101-64 203-40 8201-70 Santopre
Supply of environmental protection TPR color
Supply of high-grade transparent TPE
Supply TPE tool handle material
Supply various grades of TPE
Supply of environmental protection TPR transparent material
Supply of various TPR sole materials
Supply Grilamid PA12 TR55LX TR90 TR60 EMS
Supply LDPE NA112-27 NA205-15 NA207-66
Supply: Plastic Fence Company / PVC Fence Manufacturer / Lawn Fence Manufacturer / Fence Fence Manufacturer /
Supply: Fuzhou pvc railing / Shangrao villa railing / Yichun pvc railing / Yingtan pvc railing / wholesale
DOW CORNING SYLGARD 184 Encapsulant (DC184)
Dow Corning 184_Dow Corning Spot_PDMS_DC184
Sylgard 184 | PDMS |
Dow Corning 550 Silicone Oil
DOWSIL 550 Dow Corning DOW CORNING 550
DOW CORNING 340 Thermal grease DOWSIL 340
MOLYKOTE 111 COMPOUND silicone grease
NO-OX-ID "GG2" Corrosion Resistant
Supply Alseal 625
Guangzhou Keyue supply TPE / TPR / SEBS / SBS / TPV professional production of TPE
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