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Needle Detector / Needle Detector / Iron Detector / Dongguan Kasuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
ISO certification body Shenzhen Great Wall Certification Center
Chengdu non-woven silk screen printing, fabric thermal transfer, heat transfer manufacturers
Supply adhesive type Velcro
Supply mushroom head hook and loop
Supply palapa, kwai pong, kwai poncho
Supply conference tablecloth, conference table skirt, conference table set, high-end conference tablecloth
Supply conference tablecloth, conference table skirt, conference table set, high-end conference tablecloth
Supply polyester polyol
Nanjing Jiangbei sofa cover Nanjing Qiaobei sofa cover Nanjing Jiangpu sofa cover Nanjing Pukou sofa cover chair cover
Professional manufacturer of high-quality cotton yarn
Fengquan chemical fiber long-term supply of 21 bamboo fiber yarn | 40 double-strand cotton yarn factory direct price discounts
Provide cotton yarn | 21 double-ply cotton yarn | 40 double-ply cotton yarn manufacturer Fengquan Chemical Fiber
Supply of large quantities of chemical bamboo fiber yarns at low prices | 21 single-ply cotton yarn manufacturers Fengquan chemical fiber
Supply octadecyltrimethylammonium chloride 1831 cetyltrimethylammonium bromide 1631 octadecyl
Buying rags Our environmentally friendly renewable resources can be used for long-term cooperation with garment factories
High pressure blower for raw material adsorption
Supply all kinds of fine hair
Supply ponytail interlining
Supply all colors and specifications of goat hair
Supply pony hair
Supply horsehair with various colors
Supply Violin Bow Hair Refined Ponytail
Supply bristle bristle brush
Supply bristle bristle brush
Supply high quality horsetail, horsehair, horsetail hair, horsehair
Supply high-quality professional horsetail hair horsehair mane horseshoe hair dragon professional manufacturer
Supply high quality horsetail, horsehair, horsetail hair, horse body hair
Supply a variety of horse mane quality horse mane dealer dragon
Supply horsetail hair strings horsehair crafts horsetail
Supply high quality erhu bow hair
Supply bristle bristle brush
The fair will sell Hengyuanxiang silk quilt wholesale manufacturers (good for 33 yuan / set)
Supply Zibo Shun Fu Fu textile denim manufacturer supplier
Supply Zibo Shun Fu Fu textile denim manufacturer supplier
Supply Zibo Shunyingfu Textile Printing & Dyeing Fabric Wholesale / Purchasing
Supply Zibo Shunfu Fu yarn-dyed fabrics, more preferential, professional printing and dyeing company
Shenzhen acquires fabrics
Supply Jining, Shandong
Supply Qingfan high temperature resistant fireproof cloth
Supply waterproof tarpaulin waterproof tarpaulin price
Supply Wucheng Waterproof Canvas Features Tarpaulin Specifications
Supply waterproof canvas with complete specifications and preferential prices
Provide PVC plastic coated thick tarpaulin manufacturers
Green rainproof cloth price
Supply car tarpaulin prices
Booth Allocation-2019 Shanghai China Fair
Supply ring spinning bamboo fiber yarn 16 21 21 32 manufacturers stock
Supply horsehair tail bristle goat hair fine wool hair ponytail lining horse hair mixed pp silk horsehair
Supply [Supply] Horsetail Hair, Horse Mane, Horseshoe Hair, Horse Body Hair, Horse Cover Tail
Supply of mercerized cotton 60s
Supply of mercerized cotton white 60S large quantity favorably
Customized production of computerized flat knitting machines such as collar rib jacquard
Supply of customized production of collar rib computer flat knitting machine
Shanghai International Fashion Industry Expo 2020
2020 hat and scarf exhibition
Shanghai International Fashion Industry Expo 2020
Sign up for Shanghai Fashion Show 2020
Shanghai Fashion Industry Exhibition 2020
Fashion Industry Exhibition 2020
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